LG V35 vs LG G7: What’s the Difference?

LG has made the new LG V35 official today less than a month from the launch of LG’s other flagship device the LG G7 and the one thing everyone seems to keep asking me is, “What’s the difference?”

I had to wonder since at a quick glance they’re specs are very similar on paper. Same processor, same cameras, similar styling, etc. So, quickly, while I’m waiting for the device to do a complete walkthrough on (hopefully later this week), let’s answer the question with a quick article on the differences between the LG V35 and LG G7.

LG V35 vs. LG G7

Firstly, the styling. While it might seem very similar at first, they’re a bit different. The LG V35 is about one and a half millimeter shorter (you wouldn’t notice though), a few millimeters wider, and about six millimeters thinner. All of these seemingly small changes make it feel different in hand.

Besides that, it’s easy to notice that the LG V35 has a 6.0″ 18:9 screen without a notch versus the 6.1″ 19.5:9 screen of the LG G7. In addition to the different aspect ratio and lack of notch, the V35’s screen resolution is lower at 2880×1440 vs. the G7’s 3120×1140. The V35 also has an OLED display versus the LCD of the G7.

LG V35 vs LG G7 Screens

Making our way around the LG V35, we’ll also notice a missing dedicated Google Assistant button that the G7 has as well as the headphone jack at the top, instead of the bottom on the G7.

On the back, both have a fingerprint sensor but the V35’s doubles as it’s power button when you press it whereas the G7 doesn’t and so, therefore, is also missing the power button that the G7 has on the right side.

LG V35 vs LG G7 Back

On the inside, both are running the Snapdragon 845 processor but the V35 has 6GBs of RAM vs. the LG G7’s 4GBs and the G7 has the Boombox Speaker (a chamber in the device to echo and increase sound volume) and the V35 doesn’t.

And, finally, the LG V35 has a 3300mah battery while the LG G7 only has a 3000mah battery.

LG V35 vs LG G7 Standing Backs

For those curious here is the full specs of the LG V35 vs. the LG G7:

[table id=12 /]

And there you go, the LG V35 vs. the LG G7 and as you can tell, there isn’t much difference. Maybe you prefer OLED? No notch option? To me, it definitely feels a little odd to release this device with such similar specs so close to the release of the G7, but we have heard rumors that LG plans to release more devices than their normal two, so maybe there’s some grander plan here.

Also, the fact that the V35 is available from AT&T here in the US is a big deal, I suppose. That means carrier subsidies, and that’s how the vast majority of Americans buy their phones.

What do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “LG V35 vs LG G7: What’s the Difference?”

  1. I won’t say I’m excited but I have.. more potential enthusiasm for the V35? Slightly bigger battery, more RAM, and an oled panel, even with the slightly reduced resolution. Not going to miss the Google Assistant button. That’s a personal use thing there though. Overall, id consider it a small hardware upgrade, more akin to ‘T’ model OnePlus. Still fancy the OnePlus 6 though to be honest. Especially at the price point. 🙂

    1. Agreed. I’m not sure it’s an upgrade to the G7 but maybe like you’re saying as a tiny one . Feels more to me like a solution for AT&T vs the other carriers basically and needs to be different enough to make them happy is all ?
      And yeah that OnePlus is always hard to ignore because of its price 🙂

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