If recent rumors and specs are to be believed, then Microsoft isn’t pulling any punches with the impending release of their new Surface Pro 4. Originally intended as a supplanter to Apple’s iPad, Microsoft has since shifted the trajectory of the Surface Pro series to be more laptop than tablet. Now with this impending iteration, it seems like Microsoft may have forged a silver bullet aimed to compete against the new Apple MacBook.

At least two models have been announced, both featuring 2160 x 1440 resolution. The low end model sports a 12 inch screen and is equipped with an Intel Broadwell SoC chip. The higher end model sports a 14 inch screen and is rumored to run with an Intel i5 or i7 chip. The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to have upwards of 16gb RAM and a potential maximum of 1TB worth of SSD storage. Whoa.

Photo Credit: http://cdn.eteknix.com/

Photo Credit: http://cdn.eteknix.com/

The Surface Pro 4 is slated to debut alongside Windows 10 in October 2015. Anyone interested in it at all?

Source: IBTimes
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