Microsoft Unveils Two Portable, Windows 10 Computers

Windows 10 is just around the corner (July 29th), so there was a good deal of anticipation for Microsoft’s Computex 2015 keynote address. Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President OEM Division at Microsoft revealed two new computers powered by Windows 10.

Borrowing elements from the relatively new category of “pc on a stick,” both highly portable computers plug directly into your tv by way of HDMI. Here’s a quick rundown from Microsoft:

  • “FoxConn Kangaroo is an ultra-portable desktop PC that turns your TV into a full Windows PC, including a fingerprint reader to support Windows Hello and up to six hours of battery life.
  • Quanta Compute Plug is a mini-PC in a power adapter instead of a stick. Plugged into the HDMI port, it turns a TV into a smart computer and enables users to control their TV using Cortana via Bluetooth remote or headset.”
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If these computers are anything like Intel’s Compute Stick then both should be fairly inexpensive; however as of now, we don’t have any real details about hardware, release date, or price. Without knowing the specs, it’s difficult to imagine how these computers might function best, but ideally they’ll be a little something more than just glorified media streaming devices.

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