Motorola Droid X Features, Specs, and Release Date

So Engadget got to play with a Droid X for a bit and found out a few new things about it. Here’s a quick summary of all the new features, specs, and release information there is out right now.

Headed to Verizon (exclusively most likely)
It is slightly longer and wider than the HTC Evo from Sprint
It has a 4.3″ capacitive screen with 854×480 with a mirror trim around it
Phone is running Android (I’d say 2.2 based on the Android Helper Widget seen on the homescreen). It also apparently has a new version of Motorola’s Blur UI (the UI seems much less intrusive and more refined than we see in say the Backflip or CLIQ).
There is a Blockbuster App, DLNA app, and HDMI Out; expect Multimedia to be a main focus.
8MP Camera with Flash. Records 720P resolution video.
New Multitouch keyboard (capable simultaneously hold down two keys and it will register both, makes for faster typing) and the Swype keyboard preinstalled
1Ghz ARM processor most likely
8GBs of Internal Storage built in
Being officially announced by Verizon on June 23rd (Yes, that is one day before another certain smartphone is to be released. Coincidence? Doubtful.)

And that’s it for now, gents! So big question; Droid Incredible or Droid X?


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  2. riz says:

    Any news if it will be launched in the UK???

    • TheUnlockr says:


      At the moment, doesn’t look like it. 🙁
      Motorola is notorious for making phones for one specific company and not releasing unlocked or overseas equivalents… but you never know maybe a phone company in the UK will pick it up.

  3. horsey says:

    does anyone know the price yet

  4. yuppyyep says:

    im guessing to keep the droid x at the same level of competition (evo4g), the price would be at $200 with 2 year. which seems to be the new standard.

  5. DirtySouth says:

    @TheUnlockr, just wondering once the Droid X is rooted , and with a custom ROM, will I be able to use the HOT SPOT with out paying Verizon there $20 charge ?

    • TheUnlockr says:


      That depends on the ROM. If it is Froyo from the original Droid then it won’t have WiFi tethering built in. The other option is a 3rd party app like Wifi Tether, but they would need to create a brand new app for the Droid X (which they might not even do)….

  6. Steve Bent says:

    I’m in UK – no Droid X, no Evo – Orange haven’t even got stock of the Desire….(or even WinMo HD2)!!??

    Anyone got any recommendations for similar type phone/spec??

    Overdue for upgrade!

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