MyTouch 4G Confirmed For November 3rd Launch

It has been a rumor for some time now that the MyTouch 4G/HD will be released on November 3rd, but now we have proof. MyTouch 4g/HD will be T-Mobiles first front facing camera phone, so expect this phone to be highly advertise over the next few weeks. There is no word on how much this phone will cost but after talking to a T-Mobile rep, they said anyone that wants to upgrade can get this phone a little sooner than the rest of the world.

In case if you had not already; click here to see the ROM that is highly likely to be on this new phone. If you want to see, the phone in action in a short video then click here. For this, new phone’s specs click here.

How many of you are looking forward to the MyTouch 4G/HD and what do you think about it?


5 thoughts on “MyTouch 4G Confirmed For November 3rd Launch”

  1. gotta have it!!…looks like the G2 wasn’t such a great successor but the mytouch line seems like it just keeps getting a whole lot better and better…HSPA+ , front facing camera with video chat, flash cam, huge screen, live tv…..just…..damn!!…can’t wait

  2. i got inside news from a tmobile tech that the phone is running 2.2 os has built in wifi calling also has the same processor as the G2 which will make this big plus live tv 2 yr price is 199.99 or 28 a month over a 19 month EIP agreement but to mike the G2 was a hugh hit and still is

  3. this mytouch 4g is great. i picked it up first thing in the morning yesterday, i got it in white and i was the first customer to buy one at the tmobile store buy me. lol but the one is really fast, it has 768mb ram which no other phone on the market can touch that. all i have ever seen is 512mb ram. but the gpu on the vibrant i think is better. ive seen the scores it gets in quadrant and it gets higher fps at times. but i ran that test 3 times in a row and pulled a 1920! thats insane for a phone that isnt rooted and overclocked.

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