New OnePlus Device Shows Up at FCC

There have been a bunch of rumors and “leaks” about a new OnePlus phone coming out on the heels of the relatively just released OnePlus Two. Today, however, the FCC had a filing from the company dubbed the ONE E1005 and it’s most likely the device everyone has been yammering about. Thing is, it doesn’t match a lot of the rumors.

For one, the device in the FCC filings doesn’t show a USB-C port (which I’m sure most people just assumed was coming with the new device since the OnePlus Two has one), and has a 1.9ghz processor speed which isn’t the norm for the Snapdragon 801 or the Helio X10 MT6795 –the two rumored processors. XDA was keen to not though, that it could still be the case if the processor was underclocked which OnePlus did recently with the OnePlus Two (to increase battery life, maybe?).

OnePlus X GizmoChina
OnePlus X Render from GizmoChina

OnePlus has announced an event in Bangalore, India, next week to unveil “The Next Big Step” (sound like another Asian companies slogan for their phone much?) so we won’t have to wait long either way. My initial reaction based on the lack of USB-C, the timing on the heels of the OnePlus Two, the fact the name isn’t in succession with the OnePlus One, Two, etc., and the fact the launch is happening in Bangalore, I’d say it’s going to be a new lower tiered phone where they try and and reach and even lower price point while maintaining “flagship-like” features, but it won’t be as spec’d out as the OnePlus Two.

Let’s see if that’s what happens.

Take a look at the FCC filing image below and the “leaked” image from earlier above and tell me what you think in the comments below.

FCC Image of OnePlus One E1005
FCC Image
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2 thoughts on “New OnePlus Device Shows Up at FCC”

  1. whatever the specs – sure does look nice.
    better than its siblings and better than a lot of other phones right now
    i got my two a couple weeks ago so i won´t be too stoked about this one.
    but still, it will be interesting, what they will have to offer…

    1. Yeah, I agree. And also as a new OnePlus Two owner, I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t have as good of specs and I was right in that it’s lower end lol
      But yeah, be interesting to see regardless.

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