Nokia CEO Confirms N9 Will Be First And Last MeeGo

Nokia introduced its first MeeGo smartphone the N9 to the world this week, as enthusiasts praised the device’s features and sleek appearance.

Unfortunately for MeeGo fans this will be your first and last chance to take a ride on the MeeGo train with Nokia. Intel has acknowledged they will continue to produce MeeGo even without Nokia.

During an interview, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop confirmed the N9 to be the only MeeGo phone they will produce. Nokia will be focusing 100% of their efforts into the Windows Phone OS, regardless of how successful the N9 yields to be.

The decision could place significant strain on future N9 sales, as there is minimal incentive for developers to support an OS which will begin and end with the N9.


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  • j3anilicious

    what the flipping heck is wrong with dickhead Elop? Nokia could potentially get a wider audience with the N9 and he wants to kill the one device that got the whole world equally excited? Can CEOs be ousted? please tell me they can!

  • APz

    This is typical Nokia: all the departments compete with eachother, killing off products that would make Nokia a technological leader. Having owner all the Communicator-series phones from the original 9000 model on, announcements like this don’t surprise me much any more. Nokia quickly developed the slow and cumbersome 9000 into usable 9110 and great S80 symbian based 9210. After the 9500 Nokia suddently ditched the S80 platform and made the E90 communicator with S60 UI, which was several steps backwards for anyone who had gotten used to the old Communicator-UI with dropdown menus. With a great groaning people migrated from E90 to N900, only to learn they’ll also ditch Maemo! Atleast they promised more Maemo-phones when N900 came out, but now they’re EOL’ing MeeGo even before launching the platform for the first time!

    Now if I were a developer, what would I do; jump to the Android-boat or start developing for MeeGo that will probably die a long and painful death with some random Intel-devices.

    So, after 17 years with Nokia smartphones, I bought my first Android phone this year and after couple of months using it, I’m not going back. Sorry Nokia.