It’s amazing what some bored devs can do with a device with root access, isn’t it? A thread on’s forums started out with a question; Do you think it’s possible to overclock the N900?

Normally, the Nokia N900 has an ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz (same as the Apple iPhone 3GS). Now, the original poster (and most people I would assume) thought that maybe they could get the N900’s 600mhz clock overclocked to say 625mhz relatively easily, a safe number they thought.

Well, after a lot of back and forth in the thread, someone decided to create and post some overclocked images for people to flash to their phones and play with. But did they do a 625mhz image? Pssh, too easy. Instead, they did a range of different images with different overclocked peak speeds that included 650mhz, 700mhz, 750mhz, 800mhz, 825mhz, and 900mhz.

Not only do these images cause your N900 to run much faster, but the creator also put in lower idle speeds (125mhz instead of the normal 250mhz idle speed), to try to save some of the battery life being lost by the higher processor speeds.

If you are brave and tech savvy with your N900, feel free to check out the post here with all the images. You can flash them to your N900 via the Maemo Flasher program. For everyone else? We’re doing the How To shortly 🙂


Thanks to Lehto for creating the images!

UPDATE: Apparently Lehto has gotten the clock higher than 900mhz but won’t post the images until a week from now if noone reports that these images destroyed their phones.
In the image above you can clearly see 1000mhz (about 1ghz), by the way.

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  • JKshowman

    dang i should’ve got this instead of the nexus one

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  • Shatterv2


  • sak500

    I’ve oc’d to 900/125mhz. Much more responsive and battery lasting more now as the idle is not 125mhz. Maybe the bottom 250mhz idle si the reason of battery drain. THe 900mhz doesn’t stay on for more than few secs as most tasks get finihesd quickly. While chargin on usb the clock stays at 500mhz though.

    good job nokia i’m pretty happy with my phone.

  • The only problem I have found, after you overclock it, on the about information, the Nokia N900 info and the version are now I do not know why this is and can not revert back.

    The firmware updater can not recognize the phone now.

  • S3d-syr990

    but when you overclock the cpu always it is going to break down in a few time , isn’t it?