Nokia X Unboxing (Video)

Apparently, and further to my point about Nokia not creating the Nokia X for US buyers, I had a bit of trouble importing this device. After some shipping issues though, it’s finally here. If you are unfamiliar, the Nokia X is Nokia’s first attempt at making an Android device. It runs the open source version of Android (so sans Google apps like the Play Store, GMail, Google Maps, etc.) and has some serious customization done to the user interface that makes it a bit reminiscent of Windows Phone, but it is still a monumental device to see come out of Nokia’s labs considering their tight affiliation with Microsoft.

Regardless, some people might be curious about this, albeit budget-friendly device, so figured I’d so some videos on it. Today, we start with the unboxing of the Nokia X to show you what it comes with and what visually-apparent hardware it has, but soon I’ll do videos on a walkthrough of Android on it, and even a how to add Google apps to it, so stay tuned for those!

Without further ado, here is the unboxing of the Nokia X.

So, my US viewers probably could care less about this device, but any international people out there that might want an Android device from Nokia with Dual SIM? And is it worth it for the Dual SIM over the Moto G for instance?

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