OnePlus 5: Full Specs, Pricing, Release Date, Best Reviews So Far (& How to Get It ASAP)

The much awaited OnePlus 5 is finally upon us.

For those that don’t feel like reading, see the video:

OnePlus 5 Specs, Release Date, & Price

Regardless of what number they gave it (they skipped 4 for those counting–it’s unlucky in Chinese culture), the new OnePlus device has a similar look (albeit a little sleeker) to older OnePlus devices. It’s now sporting a new Dual Camera setup, a crap ton of RAM (that is the technical term for the same amount of RAM as a laptop I’m testing), Snapdragon 835 processor, and more.

OnePlus 5

Check out the full list of specs below:

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Early Reviews

Some publications received their OnePlus 5’s a bit ago under embargo (where they aren’t allowed to share any info about it until the announcement is done) so if you wanted to check some out, here’s a few of my favorites (and in a mix of opinions for and against the new phone for #balance).

OnePlus 5 Review: The OnePlus 5 is so good, we need to reconsider what a flagship phone really is –  Andy Boxall, Digital Trends

OnePlus 5 Review: The hardest thing to get right about smartphones is why everyone buys Apple and SamsungMike Murphy, Quartz

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera ComparisonSafwan Ahmedmia, SuperSafTV (not technically a review, sure, but worth a look)

“OK, David, Shut It, I Want It”

I just ordered mine through their “Early Drop” program and should get it in the next few days where I’ll do an unboxing video (and a review if you guys want me to: let me know in the comments below).

OnePlus 5 Dual Cameras

In the meantime, if you already know you need to have this phone and want to get it early, let me save you time scrubbing through the Live Event on YouTube to find the code to allow it. The code is Clearer Photos (it also happens to be on the homepage of the site so, not that secret of a code). Putting that in on this page will allow you to get free priority shipping and it’ll ship out tomorrow instead of on the 27th when the device is publicly available.

What do we think, guys? Anyone excited? Anyone disappointed? Let me know below.

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