Oppo Find 7 Unboxing (Video)

Recently, I got an Oppo Find 7a to play with and with it, did an unboxing and then showed you how to root it. Now, it’s its big brother’s turn for an unboxing: the Oppo Find 7. There are a lot of similarities between these two devices. Both have the same sensors, screen size, same cameras, same connectivity, same pulsating notification “chin” that most seem to adore, and even the same dimensions overall. In fact, looking at them both side by side, it could be hard to tell them apart. The big differences are in the bumps that the Find 7 gets over the Find 7a in a few key departments.

The Find 7 has a slight jump in processing power to 2.5Ghz up from the 2.3Ghz on the 7a, 1GB more RAM, twice the internal storage (32GBs), 200mah more battery juice (for a total of 3000mah), and a feature that actually sometimes gives the Find 7 an additional acronym in it’s name on certain sites across the web, a QHD display (aka 2.5K, Quad HD, or, more precisely, 2560×1440 pixels).

I, for one, have been anxious to see how the Find 7 (with it’s $200 increase in price) compares to the Find 7a.

I have yet to play with the Find 7, so I can’t quite comment on how any of the above is working out for the latest flagship from Oppo (coming soon in the review, mind you), but why don’t we quickly take a look at what Oppo has put in the Find 7’s box (and, in my case, outside of its box).

Click here for the Oppo Find 7 Specs.


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