Do not disturb is one of those features that’s just on every phone and we take for granted. It’s pretty great though in helping us, even in the slight way that we have to be disciplined enough to turn on, break the cycle of notification anxiety.

While most people use Do Not Disturb mode on their devices at night when they’re sleeping, I tend to use it in any scenario that I think requires a bit more of my undivided attention. From dinners to movies, to meetings, I tend to tap that little moon icon a lot during the day. Thing is, in some of these scenarios I want fewer notifications but not to disableĀ all of them (maybe I want to leave one app like Inbox enabled because I’m expecting an important email that I need to answer right away, for example).

Thankfully, on Android, there is a way to do this, it’s just buried a bit.

To do this, turn on Do Not Disturb like you normally would by sliding the notification shade down from the top of the device and tapping the icon.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Then tap on the gear to get to settings.

Tap the Gear

Tap on Apps.

Tap on Apps

Then tap on the specific app you want to allow through Do Not Disturb.

Tap on the Specific App

Then tap Notifications.

Tap on Notifications

Then tap on Override Do Not Disturb/Set As Priority (depending on what Android device you have).

Turn on Override Do Not Disturb

Now, that app will be able to send notifications even when Do Not Disturb is enabled. Just keep in mind that if your device has different versions of Do Not Disturb (i.e. Alarms Only, Silent, and Priority) it needs to be set to the Priority setting for this to work. If you set it to Silent or Alarms Only, that will still block any apps even if enabled using this.

Repeat for any other apps you want to allow.

Hope that helps some people that might also need to enable certain apps to bypass Do Not Disturb. Let me know if it did in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on social for more tips and tricks and other tech news.

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