Razer Blade 2016 Review: So Much Power in a Small Package (Video)

Laptops are getting ridiculously powerful. With the latest generation of graphics cards that have all come out last year that are smaller, cheaper, and more powerful than the generations before them, it’s no longer hard to find laptops with comparable desktop power without having to go for a professional gaming laptop which are frankly unfairly called laptops. Try putting one of those on the top of your lap and let me know how that goes for you.

So where is the sweet spot then, powerful enough for my video editing needs while still being as small as my old Macbook Pro. Think I found it, the newest Razer Blade.

You can get the Razer Blade 2016 here.


With an aluminum unibody design, it feels familiar enough, but with the black coloring and light up snake logo it won’t get confused for any other laptop. And with Razer’s unique coloring system called Chroma for the keys, it’ll turn heads if you want it to.

Chroma Mouse

If we’re honest all of this flashy coloring wasn’t something that appealed to me when I was considering the laptop, I like to think my style is a bit more minimalistic and subtle, but after messing with the different coloring settings and using it for a bit, I’ll admit, it’s grown on me. To the point, where I’m actually considering buying a wireless mouse from them this way I can sync them together. Yeah, my nerd is showing. But, when you take a look at the other gaming systems in this price range, well, they make even the flashy colors and snake logo look pretty subtle. Also, the flashiest feature, the lights, can easily be turned off, try “turning off” those exhaust vents on some other laptops.

Exhaust Vents

Overall the styling is just less “gamer-looking” in my opinion which might be more someone’s taste but since I’m not going to LAN parties and trying to intimate other players with my laptop, I like that I don’t feel weird opening it in a cafe to get some editing done. Only downside is you can’t be shy about having your fingerprints on display, as it pretty much shows them all.

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