Refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s To Cost 50% Off The Original Price?

Samsung has already confirmed they are trying to “recycle” (aka salvage losses) the large stock pile of Galaxy Note 7’s they have sitting around after last year’s recall.

Well now, “industry insiders” are claiming that the device, possible named the Galaxy Note 7R, will cost as little as $440. Or should I say, KRW500,000 since Samsung also mentioned they won’t be selling them in the US in the original report.

Regardless though, that’s about half of what they cost when they were initially launched and the only reported difference will be a smaller 3200mah battery instead of the 3500mah in the original.

Samsung also mentioned in an official quote, that they have “not yet decided on the phone’s launch schedule. We plan to launch the phone before the Galaxy Note 8 that comes out later this year.”

Anyone thinking of importing one of these instead of waiting for the Note 8?

Source: GSMArena
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2 responses to “Refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s To Cost 50% Off The Original Price?”

  1. Mike says:

    I think they’ll need to slash the price some more… Given that we are seeing a lot of flagships, and, the oneplus is also due for release soon.

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