How to Repair the Screen on an iPhone 6S (Complete Guide) (Video)

As part of my series on how to help you stop paying stupid amounts of money for people to repair your iPhone for you, here’s how to repair the screen on the iPhone 6S. So long as you get a kit with all the tools needed, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The biggest pain is to have to remove all the components on the old screen and transfer them to the new screen, but if you’re patient you’ll be fine.

Now, I used a specific kit for this video that I’ve linked below, but feel free to look online for other kits. So long as they come with all the tools and are a good quality screen, this video will work regardless. Without further ado, here’s the step-by-step process for replacing the iPhone 6S screen.

Before You Begin

You need to purchase a kit. The ones I used are here (and they come with the tools you need as well, so that’s a bonus). Choose it based on the color of the front of your device.

iPhone 6S Replacement Screen

Remove the Old Screen

1. Remove the two hex screws at the bottom of the iPhone using the included screwdriver that came with the kit. Tip: Set all of the screws and pieces as you go on a white piece of printer paper and set them down so you can remember exactly which screw goes where (see video for more info).

Unscrewing the Bottom of the iPhone

2. Take the suction cup to pull up the screen while wedging the pry tool under to lift it up. (If that doesn’t work, try a sharper object, just be careful not to scratch the phone).

Prying off old screen with suction cup

3. Pull the screen back but do not pull it back past 90 degrees.

Pulling back the cracked iPhone 6S screen

4. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the metal plate that the screen cables are under.

Unscrew metal bracket under 6S screen

5. Set the metal plate aside (with the screws next to each hole in the plate so you know which ones go where).

Setting aside metal bracket

6. Pop off the connectors using the pry tool, or your finger, and then set aside the bottom half of the phone.

Detaching ribbon cables under 6S screen

Also check out my video on making the iPhone 6S apple logo light up like a Macbook.

Swap the Missing Parts from the Old Screen to the New One

Old and new 6S screen side by side
The old iPhone 6S next to the new one. A few things are missing, no?

Now, we need to remove the earpiece, front camera, home button, metal bracket, and any other pieces that didn’t come on the replacement screen from the old screen to move them over.

  1. Undo the three screws holding in the earpiece.Unscrewing metal bracket over earpiece
  2. Set those aside along with the metal bracket that was over the earpiece. Be careful not to rip the small ribbon that comes off the bottom of that bracket.Unscrewing metal bracket over earpiece
  3. Pull back the camera and set the earpiece aside.Removing the earpiece
  4. Carefully peel the cables and all their attached components from the screen (see video for details) and set them aside.Peeling the ribbon cables back
  5. Pry off the two pieces of plastic and the rubber piece that the earpiece was sitting in from under those components and set them all aside as well.Prying plastic and rubber holders off of the old screen
  6. Remove the metal backing by undoing the three screws on either side (8 in total).Unscrew the metal back of the old screen off
  7. You’ll have to carefully peel the adhesive at the top of the metal bracket to get it off entirely. Be careful not to rip this.Peel off adhesive from the bottom of the metal backing
  8. Remove the metal backing entirely now and set it aside.Removing the metal plate
  9. Undo the home button bracket by removing the two screws at the bottom and set the screws and metal bracket aside (again keep track of what screws go in what holes –the screws can be different sizes).Unscrewing the home button metal bracket
  10. By pushing the home button from the front, it’ll pop out of the back.Pushing the home button out from the old screen
  11. Carefully peel the cables that are connecting the home button to the screen (just like what we did with the front-facing camera etc) and set it all aside.Disconnecting the home button ribbon cable
  12. Put the plastic pieces back where they go up at the top of the screen, but on the new screen this time, of course.Putting the plastic and rubber holders on the new screen
  13. Stick the cables back down for the front camera, earpiece, etc. Make sure to put the camera over the back of the earpiece (So the earpiece is in between two sets of cables. See video.)Reattaching the front camera and earpiece cables
  14. Put the earpiece metal bracket back on and screw it back in.Putting the metal bracket back over the earpiece
  15. Put the home button on the new screen by just sticking it face down and make sure to reconnect the connector at the end of it (or your fingerprint sensor won’t work).Putting the home button into the new screen
  16. Screw in the metal bracket over the home button.Screwing the metal bracket down over the home button
  17. Put the metal backing for the screen over the flap of cable hanging down so it sits under the backing.Laying the metal back onto the new screen
  18. Put the 8 screws back in to hold down the metal bracket for the back of the screen.Screwing the metal backing onto the new iPhone screen

Attach the New Screen

  1. Connect the connectors for the screen back to the motherboard and make sure they snap into place. Also, make sure they are on the right ones, check the length of each connector to make sure (some do fit on the wrong ones and then the metal bracket won’t be able to fit back on).Connecting the ribbon cables of the new screen
  2. Once those are connected properly, turn on the phone so we can make sure the screen works before we close everything back up.Testing the new screen
  3. If it worked, reattach the metal bracket for the screen connectors.Screwing down the ribbon cables from the new screen
  4. Lay the screen back down on the phone from the top to the bottom and carefully apply pressure to the edges – working your way down from top to bottom – until it’s comfortable on the device.Laying the new screen down
  5. Put the two hex screws back in.Screwing the new screen on

All done. See that wasn’t so bad was it? Now make a call and make sure you can hear the other person (if not, you’ll have to adjust the earpiece), take a selfie (to test the front camera), and use Touch ID for something (to make sure that’s working, too).

Check to make sure everything works and then you’re all set!

Let me know if that helped anyone or if you are having issues. Good luck!

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