How to Get an Unlimited WiFi HotSpot for Traveling Overseas (Video)

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Meeting interesting people, learning about new cultures/languages, and there’s something about the uncomfortable nature one gets when traveling alone that I thoroughly enjoy. Something I don’t enjoy about the traveling experience is losing my connection to everyone back home or the inability to access pertinent information while traveling because of shoddy wifi access, my phone not working like it does back home, etc.

This year, when getting ready for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I received something that – I didn’t know at the time – would become something that was constantly on me during the entire trip.

Roamingman sent me one of their global hotspots. It sort of resembles one of those really bad fake Chinese iPhones at first glance, but it’s actually an Android powered WiFi hotspot that utilizes what they call a CloudSIM technology which essentially allows the device to seamlessly turn itself into a data device on whatever network it needs to in a plethora of countries around the world.

RoamingMan on Table

The real wow factor, though, is the fact it gives you unlimited data no matter which country you are in at 4G speeds for $10/day. While it does throttle the speed after 500mbs a day (which resets after 24 hours and goes back to normal speeds again until you hit the 500mb again), it’s still amazing to have for when you need it.

RoamingMan Pricing

Besides just being an inexpensive hotspot you can actually carry around with you no matter what countries you pass through on your journey to get to your destination (I had layovers in London and Copehagen and it worked fine in both airports without even having to contact the company to let them know I was in a different country), it also has a 6000mah battery. This means that it had no problem lasting all day while broadcasting and even has a USB port which I used to charge my phone while out with it, too.

RoamingMan Charging LG G6

I would normally go get a SIM card from the country I’m in, unlock my phone, and end up paying for prepaid data only plans as I needed them, but thanks to this little thing, I didn’t need to even deal with any of that. I turned on airplane mode, connected to the wifi of the hotspot and used that the entire time (along with my laptop connected to it at the same time).

You can order one from their site and let them know how many days you need it for, they ship it to you in about 3 days and then when you get back you just ship it back to them with the label they provide. Easy. Simply. Inexpensive.

Now, the only time that this guy might not be a great deal is if your own carrier has an unlimited travel plan for your phone that includes Wifi┬átethering. Funny enough, I didn’t realize that the carrier I was using, AT&T, actually had a $10/month add-on while I was in Spain that allowed me to use my data, texting, and phone calls as if I were using them here in the States. Now, since I have 25GBs of data on my plan (don’t judge me) and wifi tethering included that meant that I could have just used that and tethered my other laptop to it instead for the same price.

AT&T Shared Data Plan

Now, because of how crappy wifi is at Airbnbs and hotels overseas, I usually ended up using the hotspot for all my data which can add up quickly when uploading YouTube videos, for example, and risk me going over my data limit for the month with the phone, so it was nice to still have the Roamingman hotspot’s unlimited data even with the previously mentioned speed limits.

But there you go, check with your carrier to see if you have a comparable roaming plan that works in the country you are visiting first, but then, if not, this little guy isn’t the worst idea.

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