How to Root an Android Device Using the MotoChopper Tool (Universal Rooting Method)

MotoChopper was originally developed to root Motorola devices but it seems it’s able to root some of the non-Motorola devices as well. It is a one-click root method that roots your device, installs SuperSU and Busybox, and lets you have all the fun that can only be enjoyed on a rooted device. Here’s how you can root your device using MotoChopper:

I. Before You Begin:

1. This will void the warranty of your device. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting your device if there’s any unrooting procedure available.

2. You should have appropriate drivers installed on your PC (you can find some of them here or simply Google for your device’s name and the words “adb driver” behind it).

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the MotoChopper tool and save it to your desktop.

MotoChopper (It’s attached in the first post)

III. Rooting an Android Device using MotoChopper Tool:

1. Extract contents of the tool by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here.

2. Turn ON the USB debugging option on your device by heading to Menu > Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.

3. Plug in your device to your PC via USB cable.

4. If you’re using Windows, double-click on run.bat and it should start the process. If you’re a Linux or Mac user, open Terminal and run following commands:

cd desktop
cd motochopper

5. Approve the connection on your device.

6. Wait for it to root your device.

7. Once done, you should have SuperSU app installed on your device.

8. You’re all done!

8 responses to “How to Root an Android Device Using the MotoChopper Tool (Universal Rooting Method)”

  1. nestazhe265 says:

    My Uncle Harrison recently got Infiniti Q50
    Sedan from only workin part time on a home computer… go to this website

  2. Sean says:

    I’ve tried this multiple times and it always tells me that it failed instead of success

    • Hello Sean,

      This is an universal root method, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. You can search our site for a root procedure specific to your device.


  3. Thimo says:

    It worked but i acciedentally unrooted my SAMSUNG GALAXY FAME S6810P. Now it says rooting has failed :'(

  4. its done buddy …. thx a lot …

  5. daniel says:

    hi can someone help me? i cant root my samsung galaxy fame s6810p anymore. i rooted it but i also unrooted it. is there anyway to root it again because when i try to root it it always fail

  6. Jody Dasilva says:

    I used to motochopper tool and was success tablet rebooted then I had superuser app on tablet but cant open the app and still don’t have root access

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