Thanks to HTC’s amazing policy on unlocking bootloaders (essentially that they promise to always allow you to do so), rooting an HTC device isn’t too hard and the HTC One M8 is no different. It may seem like a lot of steps, but they are all relatively easy and fool proof (since we don’t have to hack the device, again, thanks to HTC allowing us to do this).

In this procedure we’ll be using Hasoon’s All-in-One toolkit to help automate the process of unlocking the bootloader of the HTC One M8, then flashing a custom recovery, and then installing SuperSU to manage what applications get root permissions, etc.

Why should you do this you ask? Well, a lot of reasons including:

  • Remove apps that were preinstalled by your carrier/manufacturer from your device.
  • Free up storage space (because of the above benefit).
  • Increase battery life (apps that might have been running constantly can be removed).
  • Increase performance (after removing apps that are always running, the device will be less bogged down and run smoother).
  • Update to a new version of Android (by flashing a custom recovery/ROM, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).
  • Tons of other customizations when you use your new found administrative rights to flash a custom ROM (again, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).

Interested? Good! Then here’s a video on how to root the HTC One M8. Good luck!

I. Before You Begin

1. This will work on all models of the HTC One M8 (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and International Models). Apparently, Verizon has blocked their devices from being able to use HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool, so they are stuck for now unfortunately.

2. Make sure your battery is over 75% charged to ensure it doesn’t die unexpectedly during this process.

3. This process may void all or parts of your warranty according to HTC.

4. This will erase all the information on your device, so be sure to save anything you want to keep to your computer before continuing.

5. This only works for PCs.

6. On the HTC One M8, go to Settings > Battery Manager > Turn OFF Fastboot.

II. Download and Install the Toolkit

1. Head to my Google Drive here and download the latest version of the toolkit you see on that page and save it to your desktop.

2. Download WinRar and install that so you can extract his toolkit if you don’t have a way to extract .rar files already.

3. After installing WinRar, right-click the toolkit .rar file you downloaded earlier and select extract all.

III. Unlock Your HTC One M8’s Bootloader

1. Open the toolkit.

2. Select Download HTC Drivers and click Go.

3. Install the drivers.

4. Back in the toolkit, select Register at HTCDev and hit go (follow the steps on the HTCDev site to register or login if you already have an account).

5. On the HTC One M8, go to Settings > About > Software Information > Tap build number over and over until it tells you you are now a developer.

6. Go to Settings > Developer Options and turn ON USB Debugging.

7. Plug the HTC One M8 in via USB.

8. Highlight Get Token ID and click Go.

9. Close the command prompt when the device enters Fastboot mode.

10. Right-click in the second command prompt and select Mark and copy everything from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> to <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>> and paste it into a text editor for later use.

11. Highlight Submit Token ID and hit Go.

12. Login to HTCDev and then go to and click on Unlock Bootloader.

13. Select the HTC One M8 from the drop down on the right and click Begin Unlock Bootloader.

14. Skip the steps and hit next until you get to a text box to input the Token ID.

15. Paste your entire Token ID into the text box and click Submit.

16. Save the Unlock_code.bin file that is emailed to you to your desktop.

17. Highlight Unlock Bootloader and click Go.

18. Select the Unlock_code.bin file and click OK.

19. On the device, use the volume button to highlight Yes and push power to select it.

20. Go through your setup process when it reboots.

III. Flash a Custom Recovery on the HTC One M8

1. Reenable USB Debugging by going to Settings > About > Software Information > Tap build number over and over until it tells you you are now a developer.

2. Go to Settings > Developer Options and turn ON USB Debugging.

3. Highlight the custom recovery you want to flash (the ones labelled for specific carriers i.e. Sprint must be used if using that version of the device) and click Flash Recovery.

4. When the device boots back into Fastboot mode, close the first command prompt.

5. When it says finished in the second command prompt, close it.

6. Using the volume buttons to navigate and power to select choose Reboot on the device.

IV. Root the HTC One M8

1. Highlight Perm Room under Extras and click Run.

2. After you see that a file transferred, close the first command prompt.

3. Once the device reboots into recovery mode, tap on Install.

4. Select the file and swipe to flash it.

5. Tap Reboot > System.

6. All done!

V. Gain S-Off on the HTC One M8 (Optional)

1. Now that you have root and a recovery image, the next thing to do is to gain S-Off so you have total access for flashing fancy ROMs and tweaks (like the Harman/Kardon audio enhancements). Head to my How To Gain S-Off on the HTC One M8 video to do that.

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  • Andrew Hamling

    Doesn’t seem to work on W8.1. The HTCDrivers.exe isn’t compatible with 8.1 and running it in compatability mode doesn’t help. 🙁

    • I have 8.1 and it worked… Try and download HTC Sync and install that and see if it installs the drivers for you.

      • Andrew Hamling

        Yep, that’s exactly what I ended up doing. Well actually I already had the drivers installed and didn’t know it, it wouldn’t hurt to add into the article if you have the HTC drivers installed that popped up when you first plugged your m8 into windows 8.1, you can skip that step.

  • luis

    error: device not found

    whats wrong

    • Driver issue. Do you have 8.1? If so, you might want to try and install HTC Sync first (to have it install drivers). Let me know!

  • Jeff

    so, went to the part where im inputting my device token and the HTC site says unlocking bootloader fail. and gives me error code 160 and says MID not allowed. ??

    • Did you put the token start and token end lines in as well?

      • Jeff

        Yes. and tried the process over from the start again. same results

        • Do you have a screenshot of what you are inputting into the text field? Also, you aren’t using the token ID I had in the video and you’re using your own, correct? Just checking 🙂

          • Jeff


          • Yeah, that looks right to me. Honestly, not sure what to do besides contacting HTC. I know that sounds weird but they actually can help with this since they allow you to unlock the bootloader. Check the dev site for a contact form and give that a try. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help :/

          • Jeff

            And no, im not haha

  • rbwillm

    Hi, Australia here, I don’t think your procedure works for the Optus M8, I have gone through this step by step about 8 times on windows 7 & 8.1 pc’s, had the HTC Sync software already on one machine & installed it on the other, still doesn’t work. The popup “the computers RSA key fingerprint is” window after first plugging in the usb cable doesn’t come up & in the command window it says the device is not detected, that’s as far as it goes.

    Do you think the problem is that it’s the Australian model or can you suggest something else to try. Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry you’re having issues. That sounds like a driver problem. Try to download USBdeview (you’ll find it on Google for free) and then use it to remove the drivers you have for the device and try to reinstall them and see if that works.

      • rbwillm

        Hey David, thanks for the reply, I tried what you suggested but it still doesn’t work, basically still stop in the same place only this time it says

        ‘c:usersname’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

        I only really want root so that I can put files that I want on the sd card, do you know of a way of getting files to not be deleted from it? Thanks again.

        • Not sure then, you might have to Google around to see if someone else had the same issue and fixed it.
          As for moving to the sd card what are you trying to move exactly?

          • rbwillm

            Yep I have already tried searching for other solutions or fixes, have found a few people that had the same problem and fixed it the way you said to, haven’t been able to find the same problem on an Australian phone tho.

            As for the sd, apparently (from what I have read) unless the phone actually creates the folder and does the storing, nothing can be put there and stay there. If I created a folder for pictures and then copied all my family pics from my pc to the folder, all will be erased, if I installed a game on the phone as an apk from my pc and move it to the sd to save space, it will be erased. I even tried copying pics to the folder the camera creates, they are removed.

            From what I read, google has added this security feature to the software.

          • To put pics on your phone, put them in the Pictures folder on the phone (not the DCIM folder, that’s just for your device’s camera). That should be that.
            As for the moving of apps, go to Settings > Apps > Tap the app and there should be an option to move to SD (but of course you need an SD card in the device for that to work).
            Good luck!

          • rbwillm

            As I have alot of photos I wanted to store them in the sd card, I created a folder called pictures and copied all my pics to it from my pc, they all copy over but eventually are erased.

            If I copy an apk from my pc onto the phone, install it then move it to the sd card, it will eventually be erased.

            Anything I do to the sd card from my pc isn’t allowed, sd card files are only allowed to be created by the phone. To make it possible to be able to write to the sd you have to have root.

            Thanks for your time on this. I think I might just change phones. Have a good one.

          • Wow, that’s so odd. Have you tried using HTC’s own program to transfer the pics to the phone?

            That HAS to work I’d think.

            As for putting an apk on the phone’s internal storage and installing it from there. Then just go to Settings > Apps > and move it’s data to the SD from there.

        • rabus

          Simply move the toolkit to some simple location like C:/toolkit, that will avoid any batch commands problems

          • rbwillm

            hey rabus, thanks very much for your answer, it worked great, now when I select the unlock_code.bin for option 5 file I get the following.

            target reported max download size of 1830580224 bytes
            error: cannot load ‘C:UsersRobert’: No error

            Then after I close that window it says the following,

            Flash unlock_code.bin done!

            that’s as far as I get.

            Thanks again and thanks in advance.

  • Mario G

    Hi David wondering if you can help me with my verizon htc one M8 You mention that I will need to Grab and flash from recovery? How can I do this so I can proceed to enable Harman and Kardon special edition of the HTC One M8

    • You need to be rooted first. Try this procedure and once your done, head to the how to gain s-off procedure, then head to the Harman and Kardon procedure. If it just all works then you’re done, otherwise read my comment back to you on that procedure for what to change.

  • Wolfdragon

    first, awesome instructions on the website…however, one request. . . SLOOOOW THEEE HEEEEELLLL DOOOOWWWWN. I kept having to rewind just to be on pace…Breathe man!!! Other than that, EPIC walkthrough!!!

    • Ha, thanks! As for slowing down, not going to happen 🙂 Been doing this long enough that I’ve learned faster and you pausing is much better for you than me going on and on and you not knowing where to skip to to get the next step 🙂

  • Jon

    I’m stuck at the “get token id” step. It says device not found even though my computer says the drivers were installed correctly.

    • Do you have Verizon? And if not, then you need to reinstall drivers/swap USB port/etc. Check the featured comment at the top of this comment thread to see what another reader did to solve it.

      • Jon

        Mine’s an att, I reinstalled the drivers but no dice. And I’m on win7.

  • MArio G

    Hi David C, going thru the steps here. I’m at the point to root the phone but when I run to get token I get ‘c:usersfldesktophtc’ is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch

    • Sounds like maybe the toolkit is in the wrong place. Extract it to the desktop and open it from there and try again.

      • billy bob

        I am having the same issue.

        • MechaChad

          Do you have spaces in your folder name? This happened to me. When I replaced the spaces with underscores, it worked.

          • Eric Rosales

            Hey David c, i am having the same issue. i already changed the spaces to underscores.i also extracted it to the desktop.

      • billy bob

        extracted to desktop and when I try to get ID it will not open command prompt

      • Jamie Doyle

        I cannot even get as far as downloading the tool kit. When I try to extract, I get an error that archive refuses to be unpacked and or archive ended unexpectedly.
        Pls help, I am soooo frustrated at this point.

        • Try re downloading the program. It may have just got corrupted during download.

          • Jamie Doyle

            I am in the process of re downloading right now, but I have downloaded several times from different websites as well and same thing.

    • Sean D

      ME TOO BRO

  • MArio G

    Also I have not been able to get the drivers to install on my 8.1

    • Install the drivers that are on the phone when you first plug it in. Or download HTC Sync from HTCs website.

  • eddied

    i need help my phone say unfortunately ,phone has stopped and it says press okay so i do then when i do it poppes up again please help!!!!!!

    • Can you be more specific? Are you running a custom Rom? Is it happening after finishing this procedure etc?

  • tweety

    I have a T-Mobile M8 phone but when I download the first step of this process it won’t open the file. whats going on??

    • Do you have WinRar? Please read the written directions for more info.

      • tweety

        Okay, I’m stuck again. My computer doesn’t have the option to extract to HTC One M8.

        • Extract, not extract to HTC One M8… Just extract the rar file right where it is. It’ll create a folder, then continue with the steps.

          • tweety

            This is too confusing. I pray to God I’m doing this right!

  • Sohaib Anwer

    Hi i was trying to root my device every thing gone well except when the unlock bootloader step comes. I did every thing as it is but error comming in cmd promp is device not found , singnature failed what ishould do any help pls. I never rooted the phones before doing it first time.

    • Sounds like a driver issue. Check out Andrew’s featured comment above and follow that to try and get the drivers working.

  • andrewndy

    At part IV instead of doing highlight perm root I accidentally flashed a kernel and now seem to be stuck on Philz Touch 6 and can’t really seem to do anything with my phone, it just has reboot system now, install zip, advanced etc

    I don’t really know what i’ve done, how to sort it, and go back to just the standard OS and start over again and do it properly :/

    • Check XDA for the stock kernel and flash that just as you flashed the custom one on accident then flash the SuperSU file and continue as normal. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work use the toolkit to unroot it (should be an option in the kit for flashing back to stock, unrooting etc.)

  • corona10

    Hey David, I have the Tmobile variant of the M8, I used the toolkit and was sucessful getting it unlocked. I’m stuck trying to install either TWRP or CWM recoveries. Do i need to be S-off first? Everytime I try to flash either recovery its says I should expect two screens and the second should install a recovery, but it never happens. i also seem to have to reboot my pc a lot to get the toolkit to see the device or be able to detect i think. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    • corona10

      Disregard, I’ve discovered my error. Old version. I’ve got it now.

  • Jack Bertrand

    Not working… The link to download Hasoon2000 tool kit is not working!!! Great tutorial!!!! Stuck at the first step!!

    • Just clicked on it myself and it works fine…

      • jimbob

        Nah mate, when you download the file its 0 bytes

  • inspector

    nice video by the way, can i still have OTA updates in my phone even if i’m rooted and using TWRP as a recovery? or do i need to unroot my phone and remove TWRP? and how do i do that? i have the international version by the way.

  • jeff

    the site to download is still bugged and when you download the file it shows up at 0 bytes

    • Works fine for me just now. Try should be downloading it from here.

  • Armaan

    The buttons on the toolkit do nothing for me? im not sure why, i just click them and nothing happens

    • Close it and reopen it as an administrator.


    when i try to log in it says i am not authorized to access the information

  • feyi

    I have a question, if you unroot and revert the phone to stock everything, would you lose the Harman kardon mod? also if I root would I still be able to get OTA updates from HTC?

    • Yes, you would lose the Harman and Kardon mod (since that’s a hack) and if you root, you cannot get updates from HTC (but rarely need them since you can get the update via a custom ROM faster than HTC will even push it out to you).

  • Psylin

    When I get to flashing twrp, my phone boots to fastboot USB and the console window, simply hangs at.

    • Psylin

      Yeah, I didnt read never mind.

  • Gareth

    Hello, im new to this and having some trouble…im stuck on the recovery im getting this in the command prompt
    c:usersgareth is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file,
    I have read the comments below but they only seem to be for the token id
    sorry I know prob a basic question

    • What step are you on that you are typing that?

      • Gareth

        Hi David thanks for the reply, i had just missed a step in your instrution!
        Have now successfully installed the viper rom and HK
        Cheers for the great instructions

        • Aw glad it worked finally! Thanks for reporting back!

  • poncho

    Hello im having trouble wen entering my token ID. it says its the wrong length tho i marked it correctly. Plz help. Thanx

    • Triple check it, might have extra spaces or even missing a < etc. You can also post a screenshot here.

      • poncho

        Thanx for replying! i cant really post a screen shot but i tried it again and now im getting a error code 160. MID not allowed? plus is my token id supposed to change?

        • No it shouldn’t have changed. Mid not allowed though sounds like maybe HTC is blocking you. Which version do you have?

          • poncho

            Verizon i just bought it a couple days ago

  • Hanna

    Hi,could pls tell me,will this work to jailbreak m8 and than use it in different country(in Europe) with different network standards? Thank you

    • You are thinking of unlocking not rooting/jailbreaking. You need to google for an unlock code for the HTC One M8 and pay a company to generate an unlock code for you not do this. Good luck!

      • Hanna

        Thank you!

  • Richard Robinson

    Hi, When opening the command prompt window, the computer states error: device not located. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I have already uninstalled and re-installed the drivers.

    • Try a different USB maybe? Preferably one that isn’t USB 3.0 (sometimes causes an issue).

  • Bluenumb

    I’m writing from Italy and I got a HTC One E8 from Etotalk, this procedure can be used also for my model HTC ONE E8?

    • I’ve only tested it on an M8. Not sure if it’ll work for an E8.

      • Femi

        Hi guys, i got my E8 some days ago, been trying to root wit this procedure and others but no luck. i have so far only been able to unlock the boot loader. Annoyingly I got mine from China so i not only have issues rooting the device, I also cannot install Google Apps and so many other apps…quite frustrating…Would really appreciate anything to get the E8 rooted and/or possibly simple steps to get Google Apps on the device…

        • TP

          Hello Femi, I’m in China and have the exact same issues as you. Did you ever get your E8 rooted or google apps issue resolved?

    • Daniel Nicolosi

      I just purchased and E8, did you try rooting it using the M8 method? If so, what ROM’s have you tried. Thanks!

  • Guest

    Thanks for the clear instructions but i’m facing a problem
    the CMD refuses to identify the device giving me an error : device not found
    my usb debuging is enabled & htc drivers are installed

  • Mohamed Ibrahem Abdel Halim

    Thanks for the clear instructions but i’m facing a problem
    the CMD refuses to identify the device giving me an error : device not found
    my usb debuging is enabled & htc drivers are installed.

    • Try a different USB port or uninstall the drivers and reinstall them.

      • jed vre

        im having the same issue and doing the things you have suggested are not helping. Any advice?

  • Daniel Nicolosi

    Has anyone tried this method on the new HTC ONE E8?

  • Kunzilla

    thanks for the instructions. However, when I submit the token to HTC
    Dev, I get the failed message saying “MID Not Allowed” and I tried to
    search for a solution on the web but I couldn’t find a solution.

    ppl say it’s a Supercid issue but in order to get to Supercid, I have
    to unlock the phone first, but how can I do that if I can’t even root
    the device?

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry I’ve seen a few people with that issue but no clue where its coming from. It almost sounds like HTC is blocking it now but that doesn’t make sense to me.

  • help

    Ok i did this and then the day after i tried softkeyz and forgot to get busybox and my phone is stuck in a reboot loop i did the normal factory reset and it didint work what happens if i wipe me internal storage? im freaking out here
    please help me

    • If you can get into recovery. Do that and either restore a backup or wipe data from there and flash a custom ROM.

  • Please help !

    Hello David thank you for this amazing forum please help I am new to android and rooting I have followed all our steps but whenever I try to enter this command >fastboot flash unlocktoken Unclock_code.bin
    I get this error ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command
    operable program or batch file what should i Do

    • Means you are in the wrong folder when typing that command. Make sure you extracted and saved everything in the exact place I did and that you are typing in all of the steps in command prompt.

  • maggno83

    Awesome walkthrough video/guide kuddos
    Everything goes great except for the last step perm root my M8 goes into entering recovery (red letters up at the top) HTC white screen
    And that’s it just stalls there
    I’ve noticed that on boot loader menu it says TAMPERED in black and of course UNLOCKED in red don’t know if that means anything?

    • Thanks!
      Well that means you have an unlocked bootloader at least so that part went well.
      What step exactly are you stuck on and did you try it again?

  • Iain

    i seem to have came to a holt all was well untill when i clicked perm root, comand prompt said device not detected. can you help please

    • Make sure you reenable USB debugging and if that doesn’t work unplug and replug the device back in.

  • Iain

    i have followed the video and all went well until the last bit after reboot the pc wont detect the phone. when i click perm root comand prompt show device not detected. any idea why ?

    • I already answered this for you in a previous comment…

      • Iain

        i have done that same thing seems to happen, clicked usb debugging and unpluged/repluged stilll nothing

  • Iain

    anyone help with this problem ?

  • EdGar IV AP

    Does this method work for any android version? in my case i have 4.4.2. thanks

    • It should. If it doesn’t it’ll just fail without messing anything up (beauty of a toolkit) so worth a shot. Report back if it works for you!

      • EdGar IV AP

        All right thanks i’ll try it, i let you know if it works as soon as im done!

      • EdGar IV AP

        It worked pretty good, very cool toolkit, recomended

        • Thanks for reporting back! Glad it worked!

  • Luke Rice

    Worked great last night. Now I can’t send or receive any SMS messages, through messenger or hangouts 🙁 haha. It acts like they go through but nobody gets them. Ideas?

    • Glad it worked to some extent! Did you flash a custom ROM or did you only do this procedure above. If it was just the procedure above there’s no way it could have effected your messaging. It could just be an issue with your carrier and a reboot might fix it.

  • Peter

    Hey, Thanks for the tutorial first of all! I got my m8 in China, so most of the stuff I need and love doesnt work.
    So I got until step IV,3. but then it won’t show the screen with install etc. that you are talking about.
    Now Im not sure in how far this is relevant but when I try to open superSU on my handset it says: “No binary SU installed. Super SU can’t install it. That’s a problem!”
    So for the last two days I have been searching for solutions but cannot figure it out. I think other users have similar problems. Do you think you could help out? It would be really awesome!

    • Hello,

      Most people seem to be getting it to work no problem judging by the below comments.

      Did you successfully unlock the bootloader? If it says unlocked when in bootloader mode that’s how you know.
      If so then did you flash a custom recovery? If you have options to flash zip when in recovery mode that’s how you know.
      If both of those worked just flash the .zip I mention to get supersu installed. If it didn’t work the first time, just go back in and reflash it (or redownload the .zip and flash that redownloaded version).
      Good luck!

      • Peter

        Hey, thanks for the fast answer!
        Yes it is unlocked. I tried all recoveries in the toolkit and also tried another TWRP.img. After Perm Boot in recovery mode I still did not get the choice offered to flash zip 🙁
        Anything I can do? I really appreciate your help!
        By the way my exact phone model is HTC M8sw. But that should still work right?

      • Joseph

        Hey David! Thanks for all your work. I’m in the exact same boat as Peter, bought in China, same problems etc. Any idea?

        • Sorry but the toolkit should just flash the recovery if it the device’s bootloader is truly unlocked. If that doesn’t work, contact the toolkit developer for help.

  • Phil

    Hey Dave, (Mind if I call you that?) the drivers will not install on my computer. I get the download, but no install wizard pops up. I have tried running as an admin, but it did nothimg

    • I assume you got this to work by your other comment above?

      • Phil

        Yeah, thanks for replying though. I just ended up doing it manually.

  • Phil

    When I try to run Perm Root, it responds with “Error: device offline”
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Device offline means it is connected by ADB but it isn’t authorized. You need to unplug it and plug it back in and then there should be a popup on the device that says “Always Allow This Computer” or something to that effect. You need to click that and allow it.
      If it doesn’t come up you need to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and try again. Good luck!

  • Nate

    Thanks, caused bootloop

    • What step did that happen at? What exactly did you do so I can help.

      • Nate

        After I was done and it seemed like everything was working. Instant I restarted and made nandroid backup went into boot loop.

        • This method still works. People have reported it working recently (the S-Off procedure on the other hand no longer works but that’s not here).
          Did you try to gain S-Off or did you try and do the backup immediately after finishing this?

      • Nate

        Swear I did it exactly like you did. Maybe because I bought so recently and this method is outdated?

  • Luciano

    Quick question: Any way i can fully backup apps, without having to redownload the .apk file? I’m tempted to root it and go for CyanogenMod, if i can manage to get the camera to run the same way as with HTCSense 6.0

    • Check out Helium in the Play store.

      • dk

        the toolkit link is gone

        • No it’s not. Click on the word here in step 1 of section II. Then click on the HTC One M8 then the toolkit link.

  • jtm

    how do you do OTA updates after you root with this method?

    • You cannot use OTAs when rooted. But if you are running a custom ROM then the developer of that ROM usually includes the OTA update in their ROM Oates so you can just update to that without losing root etc.

  • Don Hamill

    Every time I attempt to download the drivers a webpage keeps coming up that says: “This webpage is not available”. I am using the latest version of google chrome and this is not occurring whenever I go to any other webpage. Suggestions?

    • Don Hamill

      Ran it through a proxy and it resolved the issue.

      • Glad you got it solved. Thanks for reporting back!

  • Don Hamill

    Getting an error device not sound on the command prompts when trying to perm root. Any idea how to resolve? Tried connecting and disconnecting, and I have not disconnected phone at all and did not receive this error on any of the other command prompt screens.

    • Still means its a driver issue. Try and get a different driver from another place and use USBDeview from this procedure to fully remove the current drivers –

      • Don Hamill

        Just to double check. Even though I got to the point where all I needed to do was perm root, it’s still the drivers?

        • Did Section III work? Cause that needed the “adb drivers” while the unlocking of the boot loader needs “fastboot drivers”.

          • Don Hamill

            Yeah, it did. I may just try rebooting my computer because the HTC sync won’t sense a device now either, so maybe something else is going haywire.

          • Don Hamill

            Sorry for not responding promptly… Definitely a problem with computer, forced a boot and everything worked out.

          • No problem! Thanks so much for reporting back what the issue was and that it finally worked so others can see that!

  • Anton

    Unlocking Bootloader Fail!

    Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length.
    Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won’t work.

    Why? Please Help

    • The issue is literally what it says. You didn’t copy the Token correctly. Make sure to include all the weird characters etc like in the video.

  • Only works on PCs?? Linux runs on PCs as well you know, PC’s is not just Windows.

    • Look, technically a “PC” is just a personal computer. So any OS you run on the computer you use for personal things is technically all a PC (that includes Mac). BUT MOST people see the word PC and think of a Windows machine (marketing over a lot of years is to blame) so that is what I meant by PC and what you (should) and most people expect whenever they see the word PC.
      No need to point out semantics.

  • Enmanuel

    The HTCDriver.exe isn’t working on my computer. Any other link that i can use to download?

    • Sorry that’s the only link I have. Try right-clicking it and run as administrator or google for it and see if you can find another. Let me know if that you get it to work!

  • Usmaan

    Will this tool kit work for a T-mobile HTC one m8 on 4.4.3?

  • eduardo

    when i attempt to paste my token in it sais unlocking bootloader failed and then error 160 and MID not allowed… Help?

  • Alan



    i cannot get token ID

  • Wprutschmann

    my phone is just simply sitting at the entering recovery mode right after i close the first command prompt after pushing perm room in extras, what do i do

  • jay

    ok so my problem is the red triangle at the end when i try to root perm and resets after 4 min. anyone else with the problem?

  • Hadi

    I did Everything here and unlocked the phone but it says tampered on the top and I can’t enter recovery mode to install root . It just takes me to fastboot mode and I can’t enter the recovery .

  • Dakota Wilson

    my token id doesnt work on the website?

  • Ciprian Teodorescu

    I’m stucked on the 5th step “Unlock bootloader”. On the command promt it says: device not found. I’ve got fast boot off, debugging usb on, htc drivers installed and I obtained the Unlock_code.bin. I unistalled the drivers using USBDeview and installed HTC sync too. It’s strange because it worked on the sted 3 “Get token ID”. It recognized my phone. I’m using the international versión and Windows 8.1 x64. On the boot screen it says “tampered” and “locked”.

  • GameBruh

    Worked perfectly with Sprint’s Harman/Kardon edition. Thanks!

    • Thanks for reporting it is still working!

    • Mandar Salunkhe

      It didn’t work with me..
      There is no Su binary installed, and super su cannot install it. This is a problem!
      this is what being displayed when I open super su

  • Day Man

    So I went through all the steps. Everything seemed to go as planned, but none of the programs I installed that require root access are working…is there something I’m missing?

  • Abel

    For some reason, when I try to open HTCDriver, it will not open the wizard. I choose run as administrator and it just doesn’t open. And I can’t open the Token ID because I get ‘c:usersfldesktophtc’ is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch.

  • Richard OHearn

    device not found.

    i’ve tried everything, pretty frustrating.

  • @TimIzCocky

    Wheres the Mac version of this Rooting for the M8?

  • Devon D’Agosta

    Hi David, so I am stuck on step 3: Get Token ID, I get my phone into recovery mode, and when I X out of the first command screen, the second one just says and it does not change.

  • Devon D’Agosta

    Hi David C, going through the steps here. I’m at the point to root the phone but when I run to get token my phone goes into the recovery, and when I X out of the first command screen, and the second one comes up, it just says , can you help?

    • Means the drivers aren’t installed properly. With it plugged in on that screen goto device manager and look for the ! sign on something and install the drivers.

  • Lachlan

    ‘C:Documents’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    What do i do it comes up with this when i try to get token

  • Nate

    Hi David, I was wondering how you backup apps and info before unlocking bootloader if you can’t use titanium(for obvious reasons of needing root). How do backup app information?

    • You cant really. You can use Helium or a similar backup app but with out root you can’t have it backup all of the data so it just will have you redownlpad the apps from the play store (and just automates that a little is all).

  • jan

    Hello david, does this work for 4.4.4?

    • Honestly, haven’t tested it with 4.4.4 as I no longer have the M8. It’s worth a shot to try though.

  • lrdsr

    when I run Root checker, it says that my device does not have root access. what do I do?

    • lrdsr

      nevermind. got it 😀

  • chu300

    hi David, I get this message whenever I try to get the token id.

    ‘C:Documents’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  • Joey

    What about people with Verizon htc one m8s?

  • mikex26

    all done but supersu does not work? maybe because im on android 5.0?

    • 5.0 might break this method frankly.

    • Josh

      Did you ever get it to work on 5.0?

  • Yael Gatto

    Has anyone new about how to make root the htc one m8 verizon 4.4.4?

  • Sean D


    C:Userssean2_000>fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin

    ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.


  • meok

    After rooting, can I swap my android OS for WP OS? Thanks

  • Roddy

    David C., Thanks for the info on how to do this.

    HOwever, when I try to get the Token ID, I get either a “Device not found” or “Device offline” on the CMD screen. Sometimes, I just get a blank cmd screen and I never have my device go into fastboot. I made sure I did have the drivers (a friend who rooted his Samsung phone before said to make sure I did, and I even downloaded some stuff from the HTC site).

    I tried it with both version 2.0 and 1.01 of the toolkit, if that batters.

    Any ideas?

  • Brad Caswell

    So Thanks for the info and tools to root my M8. I have rooted 3 times now, and whenever I am done rooting and the reboot happens, vDM stops, tv stops, wifi calling stops. The problem with all that is I can’t seem to get past the error message. It just keeps popping up. Is this a problem with Super User? I had no problem unlocking the bootloader, or installing TWRP. Anyone had this issue and/or know of a way to resolve it? Thanks in Advance.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the vid! After root do you still have media output on the m8? My only concern is not being able to htc connect to my stereo

    • Won’t make a difference if you root. Bluetooth etc will still work fine.

      • Josh

        Thanks! I am running 5.0.1 and there is no fastboot option in the battery mgr. How do I turn off fastboot on lollipop?

  • David

    I have done everything except for the recovery. when I reboot the the phone to regular android, it turns back on and I try to perm root, but it says that no device can be found. help?

    • Make sure USB debugging didn’t get turned off somehow after the reboot. If it did, re-enable it.

  • kyle Sare

    Does this still work if i updated to android 5.0.1

    • If the developer updated his toolkit it should. Try and and let us know (worst case scenario is it’ll just say not compatible).

  • MC

    I get the following error message after installing SuperSU.. “There is no SU binary installed and Super SU cannot install it. This is a problem!” I have tried to uninstalled then re-installed and same problem. Can anyone help? Thx.

  • nemes


  • Mandar Salunkhe

    There is no Su binary installed, and super su cannot install it. This is a problem!

    This is the message I’m getting after opening SuperSu
    please help

  • Dion bourke

    does this still work for m8 on android 5.0 or higher?

  • Richard

    I continue to get an error code: 172
    Error reason: CID not allowed (MID not exist in model rule).
    What must i do to solve this issue?

  • Andreas O

    My phone is just simply sitting at the entering recovery mode right after i close the first command prompt after pushing perm room in extras, what can i do to fix this problem, i know i have done all the steps right.

  • CubeXModer

    Ok hi im freaking out right now so i recently rooted my phone and i went into the bootloader and went to wipe, advance wipe and checked everything and wiped it i tried to reboot my phone but it just loads up to the HTC One m8 logo screen and stops i cant turn it off by holding power most i can do is restart with buttons and it just goes back to the logo screen please help i think i might have wiped my whole OS how can i fix this

  • Daniel Lupu

    HTC One M8s ??? Can u help me?

  • Derrick Lewis

    what ever happened the link is gone..:(

  • samapath achila

    it’s working good with htc one m8 international…thank you very very much

  • Aleexander Jimenez

    Does this work for HTC One M8s??? M8¿s?

  • Handiman

    when i go on the hasoon website onto download the toolkit it brings me to this website where i cant download the toolkit its still hasoon but its shows me some stupid adds

    • Apparently the developer took down his site. Contact him on Twitter here and ask him what’s up (I tried and he never responded to me) –

      • Handiman

        Nah it’s ok I found out this doesn’t work for the m8s

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    I can’t get the tool kit from the link, please help

  • Ok, thanks to a commenter we have a mirror for the toolkit! Added it to the tutorial! Let me know if it works now!

  • Andre

    Hello David. When I try and Download the HTC Drivers by clicking “Go” in the Toolkit, it says “Application not found”. What can I do? Thank you.

  • Robert

    I plan on rooting my HTC One M8 and came across your video and I was wondering if a new version of the Android OS comes out do I need to un-root my device to update to the new OS? Or with this root method can I just update the OS without having to un-root my phone? In the past I had to un-root to update and if I have to un-root is there a quick way to un-root, update, and then re-root? I can’t remember the app but with it I was able to temporarily un-root my device and update then re-activate the root (the phone was a Droid Razr Maxx HD) lol, thanks.

    • Robert

      Also, does this work now for Verizon phones or are we still waiting?

      • Check the toolkit and see if the Verizon version is listed, not sure if the developer updated it yet.

  • Dan Miller

    I made it all the way to Step III.6 and my volume down button isn’t working, so it is just stuck on the HBOOT option. is there another way to make the REBOOT selection? If not, is there a way to abort from the screen I am on get my phone back to normal? Please and Thank You!

    • Dan Miller

      Nevermind, got the button working. That was scary.

  • Kevin Escandon

    friend a question, drivers are not downloaded me and that the only thing missing for me to continue with the process

  • Thomas Pead

    So I did everything correctly to the letter. But when i tap the Super SU, I get this. Any idea as to what I need to do?

    • Thomas Pead

      nevermind, i figured it out.

      • Candinas24

        how did you fix it?

      • Abderrafii Kadiri Yamani

        i got the same problem, how did you fix it ?

      • Ali

        What did u do?

  • Clint

    Alrighty here is my two cents to the pile. As it stands, this is what I’m currently receiving:

    Error Code: 172.
    Error Reason: CID Not Allowed (MID not exist in Model Rule).

    Everything went smoothly up until that point. What do I have to do to remedy this problem? If you could help me out that would be outstanding. BTW I’m on Verizon and I refuse to update beyond 4.4.4, but from what I can gather Verizon is a B***h when it comes to rooting the One M8. In any case, I’m open to ideas.

  • Unfortunately, Clint, that error means that HTC won’t let you unlock the bootloader via their tool (which this tutorial is centered around). You can thank Verizon for that, btw. But since that is the way I’m doing it in this tutorial, there isn’t much I can do to help. I’d recommend checking out XDA here and seeing if there is a way to get around this for Verizon phones. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but good luck!

  • Derrai Castex

    ok so when i go to get token id the command prompt comes up and says c:myname is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file

  • JZY

    HELP!!! the command prompt comes up and says c:myname is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file

  • cdramosjr73

    Hey do you have a .exe that works with windows 10

    • I don’t control the files besides the ones I mirrored on the Google drive link you can see there. You have to click the developer’s link and check with the developer.

  • Kevin

    Will this work on marshmallow?

  • Sach

    I got to as far as the Super su part in the recovery page. However, my internal storage contents aren’t being displayed. Hence, i can’t find the zip file. All i have when i click install are like TWRP, zchgd, mediacontent folders and so on.

  • Sina Mirmobini

    Hi. Thanks for the instruction. I did the perm root part completely, yet after opening super su I get the message “There is no SU binary installed”. What should I do about it?
    P.S. I’m trying this on marshmallow updated phone.

  • Patrick Bezo

    You are the best. Your guiding skills are at Super User. Thanks David

  • Nathan Pettefar

    Followed all the steps, but the ‘Perm Root’ function just kills my phone – sends it to charging mode and won’t turn on. HTC M8s

  • UnholyGod

    is there a way to root without losing the data
    i’m actually rooting it to install titanium backup so i can backup apps before performing a factory reset

    • Unfortunately no. You need to wipe data to root it. Sorry.

  • Ola

    Hello, please i just followed your video steps on how to root HTC one m8 and it was going on well until after i lunched the superuser icon on the for i i get a prompt message saying there is no library created and this is a problem and that i have to do a manual rooting. please what do i do my phone is wiped already.

    • Did you get the phone’s bootloader unlocked? It is just telling you there is no library for root? If so, just redo Sections III and IV and see if it fixes it.

      • nortonp74

        Hi David, I’m getting the same thing. all was successful, but SuperSu app won’t open due to this error: “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device.” I was at android 6.0 prior to rooting. So I’m not sure what to do.

  • EAZ

    Just wondering why on the last step it wont go into recovery? When i try to go into recovery normally it turns off my phone. Any ideas what might be causing it to act that way?

  • Andrew Kornilov

    The doesnot work anymore. No links are working. Nothing is downloading.

  • jesse ontiveros

    i keep getting this error

    Error Code: 172.

    Error Reason: CID Not Allowed (MID not exist in Model Rule).

    • Means HTC won’t allow that device to unlock the bootloader, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. Is it an M8 or is it another model of One? What region is it from?

  • Joseph Devlin

    I managed to extract using winrar, however when I open the extracted folder I don/t have the One M8.exe – does anyone know why?

  • Adeel Khusro

    Who all are getting binary errors for Superuser is because you have marshmallow os so download the latest superuser file and install it with recovery, will resolve the problem

  • Maciek

    Is this method working for M8 dual sim too?

    • You’d have to check with the developer of the toolkit.

  • cosmin irimia at perm root it sais my device if offline but is not…. what should i do??

  • RedHawk

    Im coming from HTC One m8 root video and I have a question I’ve unlocked my phone now I’ll download twrp but does it brick my phone ? Which version is safe , my phone marshmallow 6.0 , HTC sense 7.0. Thanks for help.

    • Sorry this tutorial was done a long time ago and I no longer have the phone so you’ll have to check with the developer of the toolkit and see if they added support for newer versions.

  • strumf

    when I select perm root it reebots but not in recovery mode waht showld I do?