How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (GT-S7580)

On our previous post, you learned how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Galaxy Trend Plus.  If you have done that, rooting it is pretty easy and you’ll have no trouble if you have already poked around your newly custom recovery.  The guide below will show you how to your Galaxy Trend Plus and you can be off overclocking/underclocking, changing color schemes/icons, or whatever else you can do when you are rooted in no time!

I. Before You Begin

1.  Charge your device to 75% or more before you start to prevent unwanted shutdowns.

2.  While data loss is highly unlikely, backing up is a good idea always.

3.  You will need ClockworkMod Recovery installed for this procedure to work.  If you don’t have it already, use our guide here.

II.  Necessary Downloads [or latest version available]

III.  Rooting the Galaxy Trend Plus

1.  Connect your device to your PC and copy the file you downloaded above to your device’s internal SD card (do not put it into any subfolders, just dropping it into the main folder of the SD card will do).

2.  Disconnect your device, power it down and boot it into ClockworkMod Recovery.  To do this, with the device powered off, press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons for five seconds until you see CWM Recovery.

3.  Use the Volume Up and Down keys to highlight the Install zip option and the Power button to execute it.

4.  Next, select Choose zip from internal SD card.

5.  Navigate to the location of the file and select it to start flashing it.

6.  Once flashed, go back to the main menu and reboot your device.

Your Galaxy Trend Plus is now fully rooted!  If you don’t believe us, install any root-requiring app from the Play Store or look for the Superuser app in the app drawer.

10 responses to “How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (GT-S7580)”

  1. Tech noob says:

    i dont have the option Install zip

  2. Tech noob says:

    oh never mind i didnt have custom recovery installed properly

  3. trendman112 says:

    thank you very many!

  4. PatBB says:

    Hi. Hope someone can help me. I’m pretty new to all this, and would appreciated any help.

    Is it possible to upload a bootloader file / Stock ROM thru Odin? If so, how? (As I’m a noob, detailed instructions would be most welcome) I couldn’t find a repository of bootloader .md5 files anywhere

    I had a new unlocked Samsung galaxy trend plus GT-S7580L, that I suspect I’ve softbricked… (Using these unlockr files (thanks for them!!) – I made a backup in Kies, then used Odin 3.07 to flash CWM, rooted with SU 1.34. I then backed up thru CWM recovery – all with no errors and had a rooted phone that I was able to disable / delete unwanted apps. Stupidly, I I then tried to restore a backup, just to check that it worked, and had a mount error . Thereafter my phone was stuck in a bootloop. At 1st I could access recovery menu and download menu, and I I tried restoring backups from Kies, CWM, and also tried istalling stock ROM and a modified ROM, none of which worked – all aborted with errors. And somehow got it in a bootloop error.) After hours of trying all sorts of fixes from different forums, I fear it is a paperweight.

    Now I can now longer open any recovery menu (Holding vol up / home / power simply hangs the phone with a small red exclamation point in the top left of the screen). I do still have the ability to connect to Odin, (holding down vol down / home / power, allows it to reboot into ‘download’ menu – and have been able to upload the CWM tar.md5 file successfully, but this does not repair the bootloop. My phone cannot turn off, keeps restarting, hanging on the startup screen. Kies no longer recognises when the phone is plugged in even.

    Is there anyway to restore bootloader / stock ROM / any ROM from Odin alone?

    Thanks in advance for any help

  5. Mostafizur Rahman says:

    so lame post by a slum bitch ………………

  6. Harimau Malaya says:

    Lol i just use Kingroot and its working!

  7. ad1648 says:

    I need to root my phone, but all I read here is Greek to me. What about writing the instructions in a language in which normal people who are not experts on mobile phones understand. I dont fucking get it!

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