Rosie Might Be Coming to Current HTC Android Devices!


Yes, that is right. G1 and/or Magic users might be getting an upgrade with the Rosie UI in it (HTC is now calling it Sense UI). The UI is basically what TouchFlo was for Windows Mobile and we love it! People at XDA have been trying to port the UI over to the G1 and Magic for some time now, but it just isn’t quite working as well as hoped (no disrespect to the XDA Devs). But with this new announcement from HTC CEO, Peter Chou, “HTC sense will be available on some other existing devices.” G1 and Magic users have a glimer of hope for an official upgrade to their devices.

There is no telling what devices will get the upgrade or when, but we can Dream for some Magic can’t we? ::cough, cough::

EDIT: There is now a rumor that any device with Google branding (says with Google on the back and includes the G1) will NOT be getting the Rosie/Sense UI. Say it isn’t so! (Again all of this info is rumors either way though).
Also, even if Google branded devices don’t get it, it does mean that a lot of XDA-Developers will have some more Rosie/Sense UI goodness to play with and might make getting it to the G1 a reality.

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    1. Hey Zayyad,

      I hate to rain on your hopes buddy, I doubt that it will 🙁 (I want it to as well lol). Simply for the sheer fact that the G1 doesn’t have enough RAM to run it without slowing to molasses. Our best luck I think is that someone on XDA comes up with a ROM for it that runs quick enough for us to use.

  1. the g1 and magic have the same amount of ram and the magic can run the UI fine. bit slower than stock of course but taskiller shold help. i tried the hero ROM and it works fine

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