Samsung Finally Announces the T5 SSD, Their Fastest External SSD To Date

If you’re someone who works with video and need to be mobile, as well, you’ve no doubt heard of Samsung’s T series of SSD external hard-drives.

A big favorite among content creators, the Samsung T3 is probably one of the fastest portable SSDs you could get. Transferring footage from your computer to it or vice versa would happen at a crazy 450mb/s. At that speed, I could essentially use it as a scratch drive and edit my 4.6K footage directly on it without having to transfer it off and I wouldn’t expect a single stutter.

Turns out, the rumored successor to the T3 that everyone has been waiting for has finally been made official today and, yeah, it’s even faster.

I wanna go fast

The new T5 is now capable of theoretical speeds of up to 540mb/s with USB 3.1 gen2 being supported and 64-bit VNAND memory–that’s 17% faster speed than the T3 could do.

It also features hardware encryption, a sleek, tiny metal body, and since it’s a solid state drive and has no real moving parts like a traditional hard-drive you can bash it around a bit and it won’t hurt the data inside.

It’ll come in 4 size options: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TBs. The smaller two will be available in a nice blue color (that you know I’m in love with already) and the larger two will be available in black.

The new drive is available starting today for $129.99 for the 250GB model and you can check out the rest of the press release below. I, for one, would love to get a hold of one and test to see how fast it really is and compare it to some of the video-centric drives I have here myself. Expect a video soon and don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter to be notified about new articles and videos every Sunday.

What do you guys think? Anyone else just get really excited about a storage device besides me?

Press Release

T5 Press Release

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