Best External SSDs in 2020

I started using filming a few things on a new camera not too long ago: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. And as the name suggests, it can shoot in 6K (and in RAW format) all of that to say though that the files I’m working with because of it, are not small ones. So, while I do have my Samsung T5 that I am a big fan of, the new camera did get me to start researching to see what newer external SSDs might now be available in 2020 that might be a good replacement. I then proceeded to …

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Best Internal SSD for 4K Video Editing

Best Internal SSDs for 4K Video Editing (Video)

So maybe you’re a video creator and you are building your new editing rig. You have an awesome external SSD for editing your crispy 4K footage, but you aren’t quite sure what’s the best SSD you should put inside your computer that’ll give you the speed you need without costing a crazy amount of money. B&H was kind enough to let me wander their megastore here in NYC to see if I could find the best internal SSDs for editing 4K video and I ended up with four I can easily recommend. For criteria, I used the following to help …

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Samsung T5 in Blue

Samsung Finally Announces the T5 SSD, Their Fastest External SSD To Date

If you’re someone who works with video and need to be mobile, as well, you’ve no doubt heard of Samsung’s T series of SSD external hard-drives. A big favorite among content creators, the Samsung T3 is probably one of the fastest portable SSDs you could get. Transferring footage from your computer to it or vice versa would happen at a crazy 450mb/s. At that speed, I could essentially use it as a scratch drive and edit my 4.6K footage directly on it without having to transfer it off and I wouldn’t expect a single stutter. Turns out, the rumored successor …

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