Samsung Galaxy Fold: How Do Two Screens Affect Battery Life? (Surprising Results)

So this is going to be a shorter video as it’s really just me wanting to test something about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. When my battery finally got low while using it (check out my real-world test for how long that actually took, by the way), I found myself wondering if I could extend my battery life by using the outside screen (the one with a much lower resolution that is just all around smaller, too) compared to the larger screen inside the device. But, would that actually help with battery life or what? So, as I like to do on this channel, I figured I’d test that exact thing to know for sure. And I definitely got some results I wasn’t expecting.

So, first, I ran a benchmark on the device using the outside screen and then again on the inside screen that looks a gaming video 30 times and then measures how much battery was used and gives it a score based on how long it think it would last in total.

Turns out that the outside screen lost about 30% less battery than the inside screen, but also got a higher performance score weirdly (but most likely due to the much less pixels the device needs to push around on that screen). So far, all of this makes sense, right?

But then I decided to run a test of just playing a YouTube video for 30 mins on each screen and in that test, they both lost basically the same amount of battery.

Uh… OK…

Finally, I ran one last test of me basically just using the device to message, watch YouTube, browse the web, use social media, and other things I would normally do and did that for 30 mins using each of the screens and… there was also only a negligible difference in battery life (1% but that could be due to how much into the starting percentage I was if you know what I mean).

So, in conclusion, based on this admittedly simple test, it seems like gaming is the only thing that will drain more power if you are using the smaller screen. For everything else you’d normally do, both screens drain it equally–which I did not expect at all. The nice thing now is that no matter what my battery is at, I know now that I should have absolutely no guilt when using that larger screen for basically everything.

Was anyone surprised? Also, does anyone else care? Again, I was super curious and did an experiment and just figured I’d share it with you guys in case any of you were curious, too. Let me know what you think in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to my weekly email newsletter for a Sunday email with all the tech tips tricks, news and more I do here on the channel as well as on my site.

As always though, thanks for reading!

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