Samsung Galaxy Nexus Receives Unofficial Google Wallet Hack

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Nexus shipping without Google Wallet support (a NFC based payment service) the reliable and predictably impatient developer community has us covered in the form of an unofficial hack. Specifically, developers from MoDaCo have already released a hack which will breathe some Google Wallet life into the Android 4.0 packing Galaxy Nexus.

While the hack isn’t designed for newbies, it does involve using a custom ROM and an unofficial Google Wallet installer designed for earlier phones. Users will need to manually copy over both the modified Google Wallet and the related NFC code while setting the correct permissions.

The crew at BGR successfully tested the hack on a Galaxy Nexus and were able to purchase a ton of candy at a CVS without issue. So, for anyone dying to be the cool kid to pay for your groceries with your cell phone, head over to MoDaCo forum for more details.

Don’t forget that installing Google Wallet on an unsupported device may result in violating Google Wallet’s term of service.



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