Samsung Galaxy S5 Unboxing (Video)

My Samsung Galaxy S5 finally has arrived (after a bit of trouble with the United States Postal Service) and, as I did with the HTC One M8, I figured the first thing to do is to do an unboxing video for anyone interested to see what it comes with. The Samsung Galaxy S5, if you are unfamiliar, is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that released last year, and is one of a few flagship Android devices that everyone has their eyes on (along with the HTC One M8 for instance). Top of the line specs, tons of new software features, and a huge marketing budget to push it out to the masses, pretty much guarantee some good sales numbers for Samsung with this new device, but stay tuned for my full review of the S5, a walkthrough of the new version of TouchWiz UI that launched on it, and some comparison videos between it and it’s main rivals.

In the meantime, here’s what’s included in the box.

Again, full review and plenty of other videos coming soon! Stay tuned!

Anyone dying to get their hands on this guy? Any feature in particular exciting you?

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