Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: Not Just a Rumor Anymore

Adventurers and incurable butterfingers alike can now breath easy! Thanks to a quickly fixed leak via Samsung’s Plus Program webpage, we know now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is coming soon. No official word yet from Samsung as to availability, exact specs, or cost; however, Samsung historically tends to drop the tank-like Active versions of their flagship phones three months after the initial release. This means that we can probably expect to see the Galaxy S6 Active sometime this July.

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Based on Samsung’s other Galaxy Active releases, the S6 Active will likely sport near identical specs to the standard S6 model except with the added protection of a more rugged exterior and a larger, 3,500mAh battery. And unlike the standard model, the Active version is rumored to sport at least one more key feature that will delight long time Galaxy users and iPhone haters alike: the inclusion of a MicroSD card slot for removable storage.

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For those Galaxy fanboys out there with the insatiable hunger to collect the latest and greatest in tech, does this upcoming release qualify as an upgrade worthy of trading in your standard S6 model?

Source: GSMArena
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