Samsung Gear 360 Hands-On (Video)

We’ve all heard of the Gear VR by now. Samsung’s VR headset that you pair with your Samsung phone to be able to watch VR content powered by Oculus.

But at MWC this year, Samsung has announced a device that should help get more of that content out there and give you something else to do with your Gear VR.

The Gear 360 is comprised of two 15 MP CMOS sensors with wide angles that enable it to capture 360 degrees of photo or video.

It then beams this live to the phone and it’s companion Gear 360 app so you can record video or take photos from it and either scroll around it with your finger or use the built in accelerometer to navigate it as well. You can then share the videos via the app to YouTube, Facebook, or other 360 video compatible services and then send to your friends who can then use those respective apps to view and navigate it as well.

Samsung Gear 360 Side View

It is able to beam this close to 4K footage 3840×1920 resolution to your phone using a combination of Wifi Direct and Bluetooth 4.1 and the lag is actually not bad at all considering.

The footage is also recorded to an SD card inside the 360 and can be offloaded from that as well like a normal camera.

It’s small light weight and because of the SD card and on camera controls, you can record much like you would with a GoPro without the need of the phone if you wanted.

Samsung Gear 360 App

In the same way the 4K TVs don’t have a terrible amount of content to watch in 4K and it becomes more and more exciting when there are more and more accessible ways to provide content for our new formats like VR. So, I for one, am excited for this little guy and would love to hear more about the price and if I can use it without a Samsung phone.

There you go a quick hands on with the Gear 360. What do you guys think of it?

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