Samsung Reveals List of Devices in Line for Android M

Even before Lollipop has had a chance to permeate the market completely, Google went on to announce Android M, the newest iteration of Android OS, at the Google I/O recently.  And Samsung seems to be gearing up to bring most of its top-end devices up to scratch with Android M.

Devices announced to be getting the Android M update include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Note Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 and S6 Duos and Galaxy Alpha.  Most of these devices should be updated to Android 6.0 before the year is up, but expect delays as usually things do not go the way manufacturers plan when updates are concerned and these devices may well end up getting Android M into the first quarter of the next year.

Oddly though, while the top echelon of Samsung’s troops seems to be getting the attention they deserve, yesteryear stars like the Samsung S5 seem to be excluded but since the S5 and the like are equipped on the hardware side to handle Android M without hassles, we could expect them to get updated to Android M very soon after the first crop of top-end devices have had their turn.

Among other things, Android M brings better app permission settings, improved battery life by better managing background apps, and more vastly improved support for biometric  authentication methods like fingerprint and iris scanners.

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