Samsung rolls out Android 2.2 Froyo for the Galaxy S

This must come as good news for a lot of Galaxy S users who have been eagerly awaiting some Froyo sweetness on one of Samsung’s most popular Android phones. The company has now started rolling out its official Android 2.2 update for the I9000 in the Nordic region with the update landing in most of Norway, Sweden and Denmark already, while the rest of the Europe and the world are also slated for an update within the next few days.

An OTA update could have made the occasion that much more sweeter but for now, you will just have to fire up the Kies Software Manager on your PC (sorry, Mac) and click that Firmware Update button to check if you are lucky enough to have it waiting. The Android 2.2 update will feature a small speed boost, little tweaks to the UI and the browser, an updated GMail app, and of course the much awaited in-browser Adobe Flash 10.1 compatibility among other things.

With over 5 million of the Galaxy S handsets already sold the world over, Samsung is definitely making a lot of people happy, and if you are one of them, feel free to sound out in the comments section below to share your experience.


10 thoughts on “Samsung rolls out Android 2.2 Froyo for the Galaxy S”

  1. if i a rooted android vibrent.. will this update effect the rooting? or its rom? or anything at all???

    thank you in advance :]

  2. I’ve found that after rooting and modifying my vibrant it won’t have anything to do with it…on reboot doesn’t load past the beginning vibrant screen….i wait in anguish….god bless my soul.

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