How to Send a Text Message From Your Amazon Echo

Amazon just added a new feature this week to Alexa: the ability to send text messages from an Android phone.

You’ve been able to send messages from one Echo to another or to a phone using the Alexa app, but now you can send them as an actual SMS and have it show in your normal Android messaging app. Here’s how to send text messages using your Echo.

How to Setup SMS on Your Amazon Echo

Open the Alexa app on your Android phone.

Open Alexa App

Tap on the Conversations icon at the bottom (looks like a speech bubble).

Tap on Conversations

Tap on the People icon at the top right (looks like a little silhouetto of a man).

Tap on People

Tap on your name to get to your profile.

Tap on Your Profile

Tap on Send SMS to turn it on.

Turn on Send as SMS

How to Send an SMS Once It’s Set Up

To use it, simply say to your Echo, “Alexa, send a text message to [Contact’s Name]”, she’ll ask you to confirm, and then ask for the message. Once you finish saying what you want her to type, she’ll automatically send it.

That’s it, send away. The person will not only get the text but also a temporary link to the voice recording, as well, that expires after 24 hours.

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