Shazam ported to Windows Phone 7, available now on Marketplace

The Windows Phone 7 platform hasn’t even launched yet, but it seems that the developer community does not mind at all and is already churning out apps for the upcoming mobile operating system.  Fresh off the boat from the iPhone/Android land is Shazam (formerly MusicID), the popular music identification software that can identify any song you care to point your phone’s microphone at and provide all there is to know about the track.  A version of the application is also available for the aging Windows Mobile smartphones.

The company is offering Shazam for WP7 for free right now for a limited time but we don’t see any WP7 doing the rounds in the real world right now, so it remains to be seen if this offer will hold up until the HD7, the Samsung Focus or some other WP7 stalwart hops along.


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