Sony Announces the Rachael (Their First Android Device)!


The Hero has a rival…

Check out the new Sony Ericsson Rachael (will probably launch under an Xperia-ish name), Sony’s first Android device (and possibly their saving grace).

The phone has some monster specs that have been leaked as well as a nice shell to hold them all in:

Processor: Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon platform, that provides a 1GHz CPU and dedicated graphics acceleration
Wifi, 3G, and GPS a given.
8MP Camera
3.5mm Audio Out
and a 4 inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) Capacitive Touchscreen!

Drooling yet? Get a napkin, there’s more. Check out the pics of the body styling and then check out the video for the new custom UI (like how HTC has the Sense UI, well Sony has their own…)!

Wonder what carrier here in the States might get it? We’ll keep you posted 🙂

Anyone here excited?!

10 thoughts on “Sony Announces the Rachael (Their First Android Device)!”

  1. The graphics and effects look pretty amazing and the processor is gonna be lightning fast. I wonder if the video demo is in real time or if its enhanced to make the phone appear to run faster.

    1. Hey DirectMatrix,

      Ya, I’m mostly excited about a 4″ WVGA resolution screen on Android. Never understood why all the Android devices are all running little 3.2″ screens…
      Also, say on XDA someone is working on a port of the interface to the G1 lol Judging by how Hero works, I’d probably just invest in the Sony lol

  2. Agreed! The G1 processor just can’t handle the load. I think they do a great job over at XDA but they might wanna continue to polish some of the ROMS they already know will work fast and leave things like this to the faster processors. Hopefully they will announce the carriers soon because I’m very curious.

  3. Which one is better Hero Or Racheal?…will racheal have flash?…ok ok another question if i get racheal will i have android on it or will it just be a regular phone because i saw *her* on frys but i didnt think it was a android based phone…

    1. Hey Noriega,

      In my opinion the Rachael for sure… much better specs. (4″ screen, WVGA Resolution 480×800 pixels, 1Ghz processor!).
      They both are Android, what you see when you look at the video is Sony’s own User Interface they put on top of Android, (just like how HTC Sense is the User Interface you see on the HTC Hero over Android).

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