Sony Xperia Ear Hands-On (Video)

Sony wants you to try to use a different sense for your smart devices. Instead of looking at your smartwatch or smartband, why not listen instead.

Essentially, this is the idea behind Sony’s new Xperia Ear device.

In addition to being able to be used like any other Bluetooth headset, the Xperia Ear also has a built in voice commands that allow it to grab info from your device in much the same way as the aforementioned smartwatches do.

From having it dictate messages, read you Navigation directions as you go, to playing music with your voice, to even searching Wikipedia for quick facts and info.

Xperia Ear App

It is also lightweight and comes in a metallic finish in one of four colors and also has a portable charging case that is used as it’s charing dock but also can recharge the device a few times while you are on the go, away from an outlet.

The device also has a companion app that can be used on any Android device, not just Sony apparently, and allows you to customize the greeting that is autoplayed when you put on the earpiece, what a short and long press on the device’s only button do, and other customization options.

Xperia Ear

Pricing and availability for the ear is still unknown but I imagine it’ll be alongside the Xperia X devices Sony also announced at MWC and in the price range of the Moto Hint.

There you go a quick hands on with the Xperia Ear, what do you guys think of it, would you use a hearable device like this at all? Let me know in the comments below!

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