Sony Xperia X3 Release Date November 3rd


So Sony Officially announced that it will be formally announcing the highly anticipated Xperia X3 (X10?) on November 3rd!

Check out the new event page that popped up…

Apparently when the site was first posted, you could view the source of the page and notice the mention of the word Rachael (the X3’s codename) a few times 🙂

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Source via EngadgetMobile

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  1. Let’s see if and when this materialises, too many times in the past has SE been guilty of releasing details of a forthcoming phone for that phone never to surface or to become outdated before released.
    As a result of so many false dawns, I haven’t considered a SE devise for over 5 years now and have moved to maily HTC phones (branded or unbranded) and most likely won’t but will be interested to see what the phone has to offer ONCE released and not on a pre production model.

    1. Masterpfa,

      Ya, I hate that SE takes forever to release a phone (remember the X1?). HTC is where I’ve been as well for quite a while. We’ll see on the 6th what date they have for the actual release, hopefully they don’t make the mistake of waiting till after XMas.

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