Speed Test: Razer Phone vs iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T vs Note8 vs Pixel 2XL vs Mate 10 Pro

Another experiment today, this time I wanted to see how the Razer Phone held up to the other top flagships in terms of speed and performance. So to test this, I filmed opening popular apps and games on the Razer Phone, iPhone X, OnePlus 5T, Note8, Pixel 2XL, and the Mate 10 Pro (the top flagships of 2017) and lined them up to see how fast each did it. Here’s what happened.


Twitter Results


Facebook Results

Google Maps

Google Map Results


YouTube Results

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Results

Mario Run

Mario Run Results

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash Results

What do you guys think? And let me know if you have any other suggestions for improving this speed test.

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