T-Mobile's Touch Pro2 launching Mid-August


So those that have been waiting for the Touch Pro2 to finally come overseas, the wait is over… well, almost. In a little over 2 weeks, T-Mobile is launching the Touch Pro2. Scheduled release date according to T-Mobile reps, is August 12th.

We have actually had a European Touch Pro2 here in the office for maybe 2 months already and think it is the best Windows Mobile device out so far. We have yet to get our hands on a T-Mobile branded version to do a quick comparison, but rumors have it that the specs will be the same only differences will be as follows:

  • No VGA front facing video camera (which means no video conferencing, no loss as our networks don’t fully support it anyway).
  • Different body style. Chrome has been removed, keys have been turned black instead of grey, and the back has been changed. Oh and of course, T-Mobile’s name is on the front and back of the device in case you were confused at to what carrier you had for a second.
  • And the main benefit over the Euro version (at least when using it here in the States), is that it has T-Mobile’s 3G frequency (1700mhz) built in, making 3G surfing possible on T-Mobile’s network.

So who’s getting one?

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  1. OMG cant wait for this I had the TP by sprint and i liked it but switched to Tmo for the G1 and its and good device also. Now im wondering if I should dish out the money for the TP2..or holdout for the Android devices..which are pretty good to me..

    1. Hello KCII.

      That is a tough decision. But take a look at the Sony Rachael (X3) on our site and watch the video and look at the specs… might make the decision tougher, or much easier hmmm

  2. That is the EXACT reason I did not buy the MT3G nor going to buy the TP2. I just hope that it comes to T-mo,but after seeing them screw up and not picking up the HTC Hero, I got a bad feeling they will will let the Xperia 3 go to someone else as well.

  3. Yeah That X3 is a sweet addition to, but if Sprint gets the Hero idk where my money will be spent and what’s your thoughts on blackberry’s

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