Unroot HTC 10

How to Unroot the HTC 10 & Get Back to Stock (Video)

It happens to all of us. Sometimes there comes a time when you need to unroot your HTC 10. Maybe you messed it up with flashing too many custom ROMS, maybe you just want to sell it, or maybe you […]

Root HTC 10

How to Root the HTC 10 (Video)

To the best of my knowledge, the HTC 10 is the only phone that remains under warranty even if its bootloader is unlocked. That means, you can go ahead and unlock the bootloader and do whatever you want on your […]

HTC Vive Controllers

What it Really Takes to Setup the HTC Vive (Video)

Excited after the arrival of my long-awaited HTC Vive, I was anxious to set it up. The intro video on how seemed easy enough, so I figured I’d carve out a couple of hours and get it done. I have […]

HTC Vive Unboxing

HTC Vive Unboxing (Video)

Finally! The HTC Vive that I was enamored with as soon as I used it for the first time in Barcelona this February during MWC finally has shown up. As is the protocol here on the internet, if a new […]

HTC 10 Announced

HTC 10 Announced Today, Here’s the Details

HTC held an event on the 12th to launch their new flagship phone. HTC has had a bit of a rough patch with their phones starting with the M9 not being received terribly well and the A9 getting dangerously close to […]

HTC Incredible S

How to Root the HTC Incredible S

HTC’s Incredible S was released quite a while ago. Back then it came with then-latest version of Android called Froyo running on-board and while it’s been several years since the phone was announced, it’s still owned by many people around the world. […]

Root the HTC One A9

How to Root the HTC One A9

Somewhere between the One M8 and the One M7 lies the HTC’s latest smartphone called the One A9. The device became very popular in a short period of time and developers produce a root method and a custom recovery shortly thereafter. If you […]

Android N on Nexus

How to Get the Android N on a Nexus (Using Android Beta) (Video)

Google surprised everyone this week and, instead of announcing their new Android verison developer preview at their developer I/O conference (in May), they randomly announced it. Android N as it is being called (Nougat maybe when it’s final?) seems to […]

HTC One A9 (Grey)

HTC One A9 Outed By Orange France, High-Res Photos and Specs In Tow

Well so much for secrecy. The new, soon to be announced, HTC One A9 has been accidentally leaked by the French carrier Orange. On top of the below high resolution images, there seems to also be a (very high and […]

How to Optimize Your Speakers on HTC One M9 w/ BoomSound

Bob Dylan called it, you guys: the times they are a-changin. Increasingly, more people are sharing and listening to music and video via their phones’ – often craptastic – built-in speakers. For this reason, the music industry is placing a higher emphasis on song […]

Getting the Most from Motion Launch on HTC One M9

It doesn’t take a mid-life crisis to find yourself stuck in a rut. When life loses its sheen, you gotta shake up the humdrum and add some glitter to that old-hat, right? For example, the late (admittedly not-so-great) John DeLorean was sick of opening […]

How to Unlock the HTC Desire 510

Ever wanted to get rid of the carrier your HTC Desire 510 is locked to? Are you not getting any exciting deals from your current carrier? Switching to a new carrier is the best thing you can do right now. […]