Tim Cook Calls the Surface Book “Deluded”, Apple Music on Android, and More

Here’s my favorite mobile tech news articles I found today. My quick thoughts on each are below and you can click the via link to read the entire article.

Tim Cook Calls the Surface Book Deluded

Sounds to me like he wants to make the newly release iPad Pro sound better, but I actually like the idea of the Surface Book, I just can’t figure out why you’d buy the Surface Pro 4 though…

via Engadget

The Amazon Echo is Available on Sale Today for $149

I love my Echo, aka Alexa. She has tons of features for controlling other smart things in my house but even if you don’t use her for that, she is also just a great speaker, timer, etc. that can here you really well from across the room. You can pick one up today on sale for $149 from Amazon.

via Amazon

Apple Music on Android Walkthrough

The Verge did a quick walkthrough of Apple Music on Android for any Apple Music user who has Android. Hahahahaha.

via The Verge

Samsung Wins a Bunch of Awards at CES

Samsung ended up taking home 38 innovation awards recently for products like the Gear S2, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, their SSDs, mobile RAM, and tons more. Some of them I totally understand, and some, Gear S2 for example, I don’t. Why would you want an Android watch without Android Wear on it?

via GSMArena

Gold Platinum Note 5 Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile just added a new color option for their Note 5, “bling bling”.

via AndroidCentral

Google Opens Up Travel Time to Developers

You know how Google can tell you how long it’ll take you to get somewhere in Google Maps? Well, now that ability is available for third-party developers to use in their apps, too.

via XDA-Developers

Thoughts on any of this, guys? And do you want me to do more of these round-ups?

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