Tips & Tricks for Moto Assist on the Droid Turbo

Though the Droid Turbo comes with many repetitive and, dare I say, useless apps, Moto almost makes up for all of them, so jam-packed it is with fun and useful features.  Not only does it boast Voice Command and Gesture Controls, it also contains Assist- a technological personal assistant to help you throughout your day. Whether you’re sleeping, driving, working, or relaxing, you can enable Assist to know where you are, what you’re doing, and how you wish to be contacted. Below you’ll find further explanation for each of Assist’s four categories; but first, let’s get to the app.

1. Tap Moto.


2. Tap the wheel symbol in the upper right corner.


3. Tap “Assist.”


From here you’ll see each of Assist categories- sleeping, driving, home, and meeting.


You can tell your phone when you go to bed every night, and it will make sure to silence any texts or calls. Now you’ll be free to catch uniterrupted z’s, while still utilizing other aspect of your phone- like your alarm.

1. Tap “Sleeping.”


2. Tap the box next to “Silence” and your phone will automatically mute while you sleep.


3. Tap the arrow to specify any exceptions to your sleep-time silence rule.


4. Tap “Sleep Time” to set the hours which you want your phone to stay silent.



Ok, this has to be the coolest feature on the whole gosh darn phone. With your Driving settings enabled, your phone will sense when you are in a car (based on the speed you are traveling, and some other techno-magic), automatically read any text messages you receive and tell you who is calling. This way, you won’t be tempted to take your eyes off the road to see who’s trying to talk to you. Enable this feature by following the steps below.

1. Tap “Driving.”


2. Tap the box next to “Talk to me” so that a blue check mark appears.


3. Tap “More options.”


4. Tap the box so the blue check mark appears.



Similar to the driving feature, Moto Assist will detect when you are at home and save you the trouble of picking up your phone by reading any texts you receive and announcing all your calls.

1. Tap “Home.”


2. Tap “Add a location.”

Screenshot_2014-12-08-04-26-253. Tap the address line and input your home address.


4. Tap “Done.”


5. Tap the box next to “Talk to me” so that a blue check mark appears.



Always forgetting to silence your phone when you’re in a meeting? Moto Assist won’t ever be so absentminded. You can sync your phone with your calendars so that you’ll never be the one with their phone loudly ringing Hanson’s “mmbop” during the monthly staff meeting.

1. Tap “Meeting.”


2. Tap “More options”


3. Select which calendars you want to sync to Assist, so it will know when you’re in a meeting.


4. Tap the box next to “Silence” so that a blue check mark appears.



5. Tap the box next to “Auto reply” so that a blue check mark appears. This allows your phone automatically respond to your favorites when you’re busy.


6. Press the arrow next to “Auto reply” to personalize your away message.


You won’t regret taking the time to enable all Moto Assist’s features. It’s almost like have a real, live personal assistant…almost. How about you, fellow techies? What aspect of Moto Assist do you find most useful?

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