Top 20 Ridiculous Cell Phone Accessories

With our culture becoming more and more centered around mobile devices, the market for mobile accessories has also rapidly increased. While most accessories live up to their promises to make a device more accessible or easier to use, some are just plain weird.

We rounded up the top twenty most ridiculous accessories produced in recent years and give them a light-hearted look. Tell us which ones are funny, strange, or just plain ridiculous.

20. Textees: Good for texting and sewing

19. TV Hat: Not everything “As seen on TV” is meant for real life

18. The Cell Mate: Just in case your phone doesn’t come with a hands free headset

17. CellBand: This gives new meaning to the old cliche of being “attached to your cell phone”

16. iPhone Revolver Holder: The right to bear arms

15. Old Sock Cell Phone Protector: Because we want our phone’s to smell like old sock

14.Sweatshirt for your cell phone: Something has to keep your cell phone warm at night

13. The Tough and Smart Metal Cell Phone Protector: The design was inspired by grocery carts worldwide

12. Auto Seatbelt Cell Phone Holder: Let’s just hope the airbag never goes off

11. Aquapac: We could see this coming in handy for those looking to go scuba diving while talking on their phone

10. Funny Stich Mobile Phone Holder: For those of us who are still mad we eventually had to give up our stuffed animals

9.  Cell Phone Charm Pet Plant: These people are also probably the owners of a pet rock

8. Cell Phone Miniature Golf Set: How else would Tiger Woods multi-task?

7. Black Pepper Cell Phone Strap: Who doesn’t leave home without “actual” pepper?

6. Breakfast iPhone 4 cover: Well, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day

5. Windshield Wipers for iPhone: We hate getting fingerprints all over the screen too, but this seems a bit over the top (this looks like a joke, but made the list anyways)

4. Oakley Bluetooth Glasses: While we understand the concept, some things were never meant to be combined, unless you want to look like something out of the Terminator movie.

3. iBreath: This party favor is compatible on your iPod or iPhone, leaving us wondering if best used while playing your favorite drinking tunes or in between drinks while talking on the phone, either way it deserves a spot on our list.

2. Cell Phone Holster: This gives the term “man bag” a whole new life. When we think of holsters images of weapons and guns come to mind, but hey at least it looks official.

1. Payphone Handset: For all the people who actually prefer to talk on a payphone handset as opposed to their actual cell phone this product was made with you in mind. For the rest of us, it simply was deserving of the number one slot on our list.

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  1. Starryeyed24 says:

    Those are hilarious! #18 is my favorite!

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