Toshiba Thrive Tablet Suffers Sleep, Wake, And Reboot Issues

The new Android powered Toshiba Thrive tablet has barely been in consumer hands for a short couple of weeks and already a tremendous amount of bugs have been reported.

According to the Toshiba Forum, users have  experienced extreme difficulty reviving the tablet out of sleep mode without resorting to a full solid re-boot. Additional issues include sporadic system freezes and the device powering on by itself.

As the feedback continues to pour in, hopefully Toshiba can work towards correcting the bugs with a future firmware update.


5 thoughts on “Toshiba Thrive Tablet Suffers Sleep, Wake, And Reboot Issues”

  1. I received my unit 2 days ago and it froze in the sleep mode the first day. I had to shut it down completely to get it out of the sleep mode.

    1. If I put the thrive in sleep mode it will often reboot leave the screen on. Not too helpful if one is trying to conserve the battery.

  2. I bought one 2 days ago and there is no way that I can connect to my router I am planning to returned and I am very dissapointed and I will not recommend to buy this item for now because it has a lot of technical problem and malfunction
    Rick Miami

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