News: Touch Pro2 Coming to Every US Carrier

So it is official. The HTC Touch Pro2 will be available on every US major carrier in one form or another. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon will all have versions of the Touch Pro2.

Even though T-Mobile was the first to announce that they were going to carry the device, it doesn’t seem they will be the first to actually release it.
Sadly for us GSM users, Sprint will be the first to get their hands on the US version of the device (jealous much?). It is scheduled for release Mid-June. Here is some pics as proof.


Judging by the pics they didn’t change to much to the front of the device; the front-facing video camera is gone (no surprise for us US users) and the metallic finish has been scrapped (to our disapointment, let’s hope the GSM versions will be luckier).

T-Mobile’s is due July 22nd and AT&T and Verizon have yet to give a roundabout release date.

7 thoughts on “News: Touch Pro2 Coming to Every US Carrier”

    1. Hey Richard,

      An app store is dependent on the operating system, so the question really would be if Windows Mobile will have an app store soon. And yes they will, when Windows Mobile 6.5 comes out you are allowed to get a free upgrade to it and 6.5 will have an app store.
      But keep in mind that you do not need an app store to put apps on your phone. Windows Mobile allows you to just download the .CAB file from a Windows Mobile Application website on to your phone then double click that file to install it.

      Hope this helps!

      PS The review on this phone will be up in a few days, check back!

      A good place to buy the phone should you want it is Mobile Unlimited

    1. Hey Gylmar,

      The G2 from Europe is already out, check
      The myTouch 3G is the T-Mobile version of the G2 though (will have T-Mobile’s 3G and will also be cheaper than the original G2). So I’d wait for that in my opinion (either that or wait for the unlocked Hero 🙂
      The myTouch 3G is coming out by the end of this month.

  1. G2 Specs the same as G1 Right? if so ill wait for the hero, i wish their was a way to put android on one of these other htc phones like the touch pro 2 or my fav the touch hd, no word on anything like that huh?

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