How to Unroot the OnePlus Two (Video)

So I’ve gone over why you would want to root the OnePlus Two but there are some reasons to undo that should you need. From sending it in for warranty, to selling it and wanting to get it all back to stock for the next owner, to just wanting to maybe start over and root the thing again, unrooting the OnePlus Two can be a necessary option.

If you have TWRP recovery on the OnePlus Two from doing my rooting tutorial for it, then it’s actually pretty easy to do, too.

All we need to do is boot into recovery and flash the stock ROM’s zip file and TWRP will take care of the rest. Here’s the step by step.

I. Before You Begin

1. You should’ve rooted your device using the procedure given here.

2. You must have a custom recovery installed on your device. If you used the above procedure to root your device, you already have one on your device.

3. This should erase the data stored on your device. So, please backup anything that you think is important for you before going ahead.

4. You should only try this on a OnePlus 2. OnePlus One users can unroot their device using the procedure given here.

How to Unroot the OnePlus 2

Unroot OnePlus Two

To unroot the device, you’re going to flash a stock ROM on your device using TWRP Recovery. That way you will be completely back to the stock. Here’s how:

II. Downloading Required Files

1. Download Stock ROM and save it to your desktop.

Stock ROM (download the latest one for your device)

III. Unrooting the OnePlus 2

1. Plug in your device to your PC using a USB cable.

2. Copy Stock ROM from your desktop over to the internal SD card storage on your device.

3. When Stock ROM is copied, disconnect your device from your PC.

4. Turn off your device.

5. Turn your device back on in recovery mode. To do that, hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together on your device.

6. Select Recovery from the options appearing on your screen.

7. Your device should reboot into recovery mode.

8. Tap on Wipe in the recovery menu.

9. Use all the options given in there to wipe off everything on your device.

10. When wiping’s done, come back to main menu of the recovery.

11. Tap on Install.

12. Select Stock ROM .zip to be installed on your device.

13. Tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash to confirm your action.

14. Wait for it to flash Stock ROM on your device.

15. When it’s done flashing, reboot your device by selecting Reboot.

All done. Unrooted, running the stock ROM and ready to be sold, sent in for warranty, or just rerooted and flashed all over again.

Hope this worked for you and let me know if it did in the comments below!

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31 thoughts on “How to Unroot the OnePlus Two (Video)”

  1. This isn´t right.
    volume up and power gets you into fastboot mode.
    to enter revovery, you need to press volume down/power.

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  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Is there a way to unroot without going back to stock, rather going back to the state it was before rooting?
    I basically need to root to install xposed modules, then unroot so I can use some corporate apps (Maas360 etc) which won’t work on a rooted phone. If I unroot using your tutorial all those modules will be wiped. Is there a solution? I was looking into CF-Auto-Root but it appears the OP2 is not supported.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Unfortunately, what you are referring to isn’t possible. You are saying you want to root, install Xposed Modules then unroot and still have Xposed Modules, but Xposed Modules can’t be on the phone without root. Make sense?
      So I’d recommend rooting, installing Xposed Modules and then look to see if there is another root app that will just hide the fact you are rooted so Maas360, Good Messaging, etc can’t tell you are rooted. 🙂

  3. If i follow your steps..will i receive ota updates and one more will my music and all be deleted after flashing this bcoz it didn’t happened when i flashed cyanogen os at that tym too i clean flashed the rom only apps and their data was deleted everything else was al right so please guide me?!

    1. Unrooting will erase everything. Backup whatever you have to save to a computer and then put it back after unrooting. As for the OTAs, yes you will get them after doing this.

      1. so just now i saw your youtube video regarding the same…at last step you choose not to disable twrp…so if i choose the same will i get ota’s and i also want bootloader to be unlocked so will i get ota..(btw ur video was good and steps were easy to understand)

        1. I disable TWRP by flashing the stock ROM (which includes the stock recovery which overwrites the custom TWRP one). I also relock the bootloader. You will most likely need to do all of that in order for the phone to get OTAs. You MIGHT be able to not lock the bootloader and still get them, but some phones require it to be locked as well so you can try and skip the relocking and then if you can’t flash an OTA, then go lock it.

  4. So david i did whatever you said and my phone successfully booted in oxygen os but i didn’t get any option to disable twrp recovery…why this happened?

  5. ya…but i checked again by going to recovery and it was not stock recovery it was twrp and thats what im concerned about!

  6. Actually i restored back to cyanogen os and i talked with oneplus service centre guys and they said that they’ll do the reverting proecess … im visiting oneplus seevice centre tomorrow…but still thanks a lot for your support and amazing video guide. its been pressure talking with you.

  7. Hey David,

    I’m using mac. My oneplus 2 is currently running stock rom and is rooted. Is this procedure to be follwed to unroot? and the last step where you show the relock bootloader, can i do through my mac?

    Also, Should i select swipe to disable or not disable?

      1. hello david the last process is really very hard i can’t get that can we do that in windows pc and from where we get that adb file

  8. Adam G Arsenault

    hi David,

    to confirm, wipe with all the options given, would that include selecting advanced wipe and choosing: 1.Dalvik/ART Cache 2.System 3.Data 4.Internal Storage 5.Cache?
    If i do not select Adavanced Wipe i will only be wiping Data, Cache, and Dalvik

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