How to Use Cine Video on the LG V30

One of the big features being shown off by LG for the recently launched V30, is the Cine Video feature.

This feature allows you to add professionally created LUTs to your videos as you shoot them to get some creative looking shots. LUTs, or Look Up Tables are sets of adjustments that are used by professional cinematographers to add specific looks to shots that are shot in RAW or Log format. This allows them to do two things mainly:

1. They can shoot in the log or RAW format which flatten colors and allows the imaging sensor to get a bit more dynamic range out of the footage instead of having to focus on the color science.
2. With the colors being flatter, you can then add LUTs or even manually adjust the color in the image to a much greater detail giving you a lot more creative freedom since the camera’s color isn’t baked into the images.

To use Cine Video mode on the LG V30, here’s what you need to do.

Shoot in Cine Video Mode on the LG V30

1. Open the camera.Camera
2. Tap on Mode on the left and tap on Cine Video.Cine Video
3. Tap the new colored film icon on the left.Film Icon
4. You can then choose which of the LUTs you want to use, adjust the intensity as well as add a vignette (circular shadow) around the edges.Select LUT
5. The video will them just be saved as normal in the normal photo gallery.Playback Video with LUT

There’s a ton to choose from, too, from Flashback that makes things look a lot more old school or even sad with the right music, to Thriller to give things a darker potentially scarier look, Classic for a more common black and white look, etc.

Now, personally, I’d be more inclined to actually shoot in LOG and add my own LUTs or corrections to the footage, check out my quick tutorial on how to do that here, but it is an interesting concept and quick way to get a bit more creative with your phone’s footage.

There you go, let me know what you think of the new phone, this feature, etc. in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social or subscribe to my weekly newsletter for more tips and tricks and the latest tech. Thanks for reading!

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