How to Use Snapchat Hands Free (Video)

A friend of mine recently taught me a tip for recording videos in Snapchat without having to hold down the obnoxious button to record and I figured some of you guys out there might like to know how to do that as well, so here’s how to use Snapchat hands free.

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Snapchat Hands Free in iOS

  1. So to get this to work on iOS, we need to go to Settings.Settings
  2. Then tap on General.General
  3. Then Accessibility.Accessibility
  4. And then AssistiveTouch and tap Create New Gesture.Assistive Touch
  5. Press and hold in the center of the screen to register a long tap (as in the same tap we would normally use to hold down the Snapchat record button). Once the blue bar at the bottom fills all the way up you can let go.Tap and Hold New Gesture
  6. After that, tap Save and give it a name.Save New Gesture
  7. Open Snapchat to the screen where you can record and tap on the grey icon that’s floating on the screen (you can also move it around if you want by holding on it).Tap Floating Dot
  8. Tap Custom.Tap Custom
  9. Tap the gesture you just saved.Tap New Gesture
  10. You can drag the new grey dot that appears over the record button in Snapchat and let go and it’ll perform that long press you just recorded.Let Go On Record

Snapchat Hands Free with a Bluetooth Remote

For Android, unfortunately there is no native way of doing this and I couldn’t find an app to help either, if you know of one please let me know in the comments below, but you can use another way to get this to work if you’re willing to buy a Bluetooth remote.

The benefits of the Bluetooth remote is that you can, of course, not have to be near the phone to get it to record and the one I found works for iOS or Android and happens to only be about $7 with free shipping on Amazon so not a large investment at all.

Once you get your remote, you simply connect it via Bluetooth and then push the button for whether you have iOS or Android while Snapchat is open and it’ll record.

Combine this with a tripod that can hold vertical (since you’ll want to Snapchat vertically) like this one also on Amazon and you can get some interesting shots that would otherwise be pretty difficult to get in Snapchat.

Phone Tripod Mount

Check out the video sponsor Skillshare here and make sure to put in coupon code THEUNLOCKR for 2 free months!

And there you go, quick Snapchat tip. Let me know what you guys thought of this video and the trick. Want me to do more tips and tricks for other tech? Let me now in the comments below and feel free to reach out to me on social. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hypno Twist says:

    Is there a light kit made for iPhone se, I’m looking to add one to my iphone and I’m not capable of making one myself.

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