How VR Content Is Made Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

Distribution of VR Content

While we are all familiar with how movies, TV shows, and YouTube channel content gets distributed and consumed VR content is a little less certain. There are options like Facebook 360 Video and YouTube even has a solution as well, but for film makers used to TV and theaters, these aren’t quite the replacement option.
Also add the fact that VR needs special equipment for someone to consume it so that limits your potential audience size drastically.

Jaunt VR App

That will soon change however, as the phones we already have in our pockets become more and more capable of VR, whether we want them to be or not.

Google Daydream is a project Google has started to encourage manufacturers to put better specs into their phones to make them better at VR. The current capabilities of phones for VR is pretty limited by the screen resolution, lack of head tracking for latency, processing power, etc. Basically though, with Google pushing this certification it means that a lot of people will end up having these VR Certified devices in their pockets in the next few years, whether they bought the device for that reason or not and once they have that it’s a much cheaper option to simply add a headset component to hold it rather than buying an complete VR system like the Vive or Rift. That means that the pool of people able to watch VR will potentially increase exponentially very soon.

Google Daydream

Jaunt is also betting on phones being the preferred method for VR consumption with their own distribution app that is available for download on Android and iOS. They even recently announced that they will allow anyone producing VR content to now submit it to them for inclusion in these apps making for a very interesting prospect of a place with a potentially wide distribution channel and maybe some sort of revenue share down the road? Essentially, this would position Jaunt to become the Netflix of VR.

Future of VR

If you are a videographer of any sort, I highly recommend dabbling in VR and 360 content if for no other reason than to experiment in this new medium. It has some unique challenges as we’ve mentioned, but it’s also such a new concept that can potentially provide a unique experience for your audience like never before.

At one time, motion pictures came out and producers ended up using the camera as an audience member watching a play –long wide shots of the actors on a stage, scenes changing minimally, etc. But eventually, this new medium matured and instead of mimicking the plays of the past it developed into its own unique story-telling format.

Old Movie as a Play

Movies as a play is where we are in this new medium of VR, it’s going to be up to the individuals who pick up the 360 cameras now as to how it is shaped for the future. Maybe the next Hitchcock, Kubrik, Allen, Wilder, Lean, is buying a 360 camera as we speak or maybe they’re watching a YouTube video or reading an article on a blog on how VR content is made…

Let me know what you guys thought of this, was a different type of video for me and would love to know if you want more videos explaining tech in the future like this?

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