WebMD Launches Baby App for Android: Designed Especially for Expecting and New Parents

For expecting parents and new parents alike, having a baby can seem like a daunting task. There are endless items to prepare for prior to a baby’s birth, and truth be told, a parent’s work is never done. Thankfully, we live in a world where parenting resources and help guides can be found in many different forms including books, magazines, and of course, mobile applications. This is where WebMD’s Baby app comes into play, and aims at providing parents with a plethora of knowledge right from their mobile device. The app aims at being a comprehensive guide by compiling and organizing all of the parenting related information from WebMD’s vast and never-ending library.

By creating a WebMD account and entering in you child’s date of birth, the app will then provide you with pertinent information that is age appropriate as the child grows. This works for parents with children now and even for parents that are still in the expectancy stage. Overall, the user interface offers the traditional WebMD feel while still streamlining all the data you need as a parent. The app also includes a “Baby 101” section which is saturated with detailed categories and different journals that cover a garden variety of parenting topics. Continue reading for a list of highlighted features below:

In baby’s first year, the WebMD Baby app will deliver:

  • New articles, videos, and more updated each week and based on the baby’s age
  • A new doctor-approved tip every day

In baby’s second year, the WebMD Baby app will deliver:

  • New articles, videos, and more updated each month and based on the baby’s age
  • New doctor-approved tip every month
Hundreds of searchable, medically-approved articles, videos and more:

  • Baby & Toddler Care (16 categories)
  • Illness & Emergencies (39 categories)
  • Just for Moms
  • Just for Dads
  • Parenting Tips (367)
  • Baby Week by Week (64 content packages)
  • Ask the Pediatrician (8 video Q&A sessions with WedMD’s in-house pediatrician)
  • Milestones (7 categories divided by age up to 24 months old)
  • Vaccines (all baby vaccine info)
  • Baby Doctor Visits (11 well-visit guides)

WebMD is available for free in the Google Play Store. Requires Android 2.2 and higher. Play Link



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