Ok so a ninja brought us some very interesting photos. They show us an HTC phone (you can see the HTC logo at the top) with a larger screen and high resolution (you can tell by the size of the Android in the center) running Android on it…

Could this be the HTC Dragon we have heard about? The Dragon I believe will be the Android equivalent of the Touch HD2 (same hardware mostly and just Android instead of Windows Mobile). You can also see the trackball at the bottom of the phone which could be easily added by HTC to the HD2 to give the Dragon a better way to scroll.

EDIT: By the way, I blacked out the photo. Where it says Welcome to …. It doesn’t say the name of the phone it has a number that I’m told is used to determine who this phone was loaned to so for obvious reasons that got blocked, not too mention wouldn’t help us figure out the phone. And then I blocked out the time, just to be extra safe our ninja can’t be traced back to.

So what do you guys think? What phone is this?

EDIT: I forgot to point it out, but Scott is right. It’s definitely a GSM phone judging by the “3G” mark in the title bar.

Ok, so apparently the 3G is now a symbol used by some Verizon phones too, so scratch that that indicates GSM.


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