Hold on to your butts, because, as of this past Friday, Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Build 10130 was released to those in the Fast ring update track. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul mentioned this in regards to current and upcoming quick turnaround updates:

“As I mentioned with the last build, from here onward you are going to see a lot of tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing which means fewer big feature changes from build to build. You’ll see that in this build which has a number of small improvements and more polish.”

Ok, so nothing groundbreaking to introduce to you with this latest Build 10130, but nevertheless check out this rundown from Microsoft for the most noteworthy changes made to their proprietary web browser, Microsoft Edge:

  • Full-screen video is now supported
  • You can now pin/unpin browser panes like Cortana, Favorites, and Reading List
Photo Credit: http://www.youmobile.org/

Photo Credit: http://www.youmobile.org/

While the updates may be minor, this ain’t a bad bit of progress. A lot will be expected from the predecessor to the Internet Explorer dynasty, and it’s looking like Microsoft might be on track with delivering a solid contender in the browser game. What else would you like to see Microsoft introduce in future builds?

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