Windows Phone App of the Day: TODO List

I am such a disaster. It’s important that anyone reading this review understand this about me. My friend and new roommate Tori and I have been discussing how to put our lives in order all morning, and this new app for Windows Phone 7, TODO List, is exactly what we need!

TODO List, released yesterday on the Windows Phone 7 platform, enables you to manage tasks in a fast, easy, and productive way. Organizing your tasks by sorting them into filters and/or marking them with color-coded stars makes writing your TODO List simple.


  • Free!
  • Sleek, attractive, easy to use UI
  • Mark tasks with colored stars and add detailed descriptions
  • Filters include: overdue tasks, tasks due today, tasks with stars
  • View completed tasks in the “Done” list
  • Undo tasks
  • Trim the filters to include only the ones you care about


  • Doesn’t complete the tasks for you!

How It Works

  • Download from the “Entertainment” section of your Marketplace
  • Open from your app list
  • Select the “Add” icon to add a task to your list
  • Input your title, description, due date, time, and star (NOTE: Each task must have a title, but all other information is optional)
  • Click the “Save” button to add the task to your list
  • From the main screen, view all your tasks or scroll right to see “Today,” “Past Due,” and “Starred” tasks
  • View completed tasks that have not yet been deleted in the “Done” list
  • Turn any of these lists on and off using the “Settings” option (NOTE: The “All” list cannot be removed)
  • Select a task to view its details, make edits, mark the task as complete
  • Reopen an uncompleted task by tapping and holding the task in the done list then tap “Unmark as done”


I’m excited to see a TODO List app that’s so straightforward and easy to use. The UI is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t include all of the unnecessary bells and whistles that can make apps more complicated than they should be. I have been rocking the notebook and pen for my entire life, despite having reminders, a notepad, and a tasks list on my phone, but I used this app today to try to begin to put my life back in order. Does everyone feel this frazzled on Sundays? This whole “day of rest” thing is bull.

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